Animated Shows Entertainment’s Interview with Tiya Sircar

Before Sabine’s story continues in this week’s all-new episode, “Legacy of Mandalore,” catch up with what Tiya Sircar had to say in’s 4-part interview earlier this month.

Knowing the Backstory

Turns out, Tiya Sircar knew some of Sabine’s backstory all along, having been told about it by Dave Filoni during the early stages of the show’s production. Of course, some of it changed over time, but the fundamental part of Sabine’s story from building Imperial weapons to seeing those weapons being used against her people as well as the guilt and self-condemnation that came with it were there from the beginning.

Sabine’s Relationship With Ezra

Since we recently found out the truth about Sabine’s past, now we completely understand why she was reluctant to trust people outside of the Ghost crew, like Fulcrum and even Ezra when he first joined. Her relationship with Ezra took a turn during “Trials of the Darksaber,” however, when she had to rely on him for instruction and learning the basics—an activity that she deemed unnecessary and insulting.

“I really love the shift in her finally acknowledging that and actually going through the paces with him and allowing him to teach her. I think Sabine’s obviously got an ego and I think the fact that Kanan doesn’t even feel like he … In her eyes, she thinks that Kanan feels like she’s not even worthy of him teaching her and he gets the kid to do it. That’s a bruise to her ego, but I think throughout the course of the episode she realizes that those are her own issues and that she needs to get over them.”

Most importantly, Sircar said, “Ezra treats her with such patience and kindness and love that it makes her realize that she’s being petty and she does have something to learn from him.” Putting aside Ezra’s tendency to tease and joke around, he ultimately cares about the people he’s come to know over the course of the past 2.5 seasons, something that Sabine finally comes to realize.

Preparing and Recording

The final scene between Kanan and Sabine in “Trials of the Dark Saber” was so emotionally charged and masterfully performed and it was primarily because Dave Filoni had the actors mentally prepare for the scenes in advance.

“Then, getting to record with just Freddie and myself was really special. Kanan and Sabine don’t actually have that much one-on-one interaction and for it to be like this was really incredible and I really cherish that session that we had because it was … I don’t know how many opportunities people get like this in voiceover, doing animated series, and this was maybe a unique experience so I feel really fortunate.”

Sircar also talked about how Filoni approached them with a clear vision in mind, the challenge that naturally came with the scene, and her thoughts regarding the final version of the episode.

The Story Continues

Now that Sabine has opened up about her past, the next step is facing her family and using the darksaber as a way to unite the Mandalorian clans. Sircar teased that where the story goes next is not where people expect it to go.’s Lucas Siegel pointed out that one of those expectations is seeing Mandalore again. As we’ve seen in the mid-season three trailer, however, it looks like Sabine and the crew are headed elsewhere. One can’t help but wonder what happened to Mandalore, then? Additionally, what other surprises will surface in this follow-up episode? Sircar knows, but she certainly can’t wait to see it unfold like the rest of us.

“Legacy of Mandalore” airs on Saturday, February 18, at 8:30PM EST on Disney XD.


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