‘Star Wars Rebels’ February 2017 Roundup

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  • In case you missed it before, here are the titles and descriptions of the remaining episodes of season three of Star Wars Rebels.
  • A video of Steven MelchingRebels story editor and writer of “A Princess on Lothal,” which was nominated for a Writers Guild Award, was presented at the WGA ceremony. In it, he spoke about the episode and dedicated it to Carrie Fisher.
  • Jason Isaacs, who voiced the Grand Inquisitor, will be attending Steel City Con in April.
  • Taylor Gray will be attending SWFFD (Star Wars Fan Fun Day) at the Burnley Football Club on Sunday, April 30, and Monday, May 1. He also left this message for the fans.

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Books and Comics

  • Barnes & Noble will be releasing an exclusive cover and double-sided poster of Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn. The exclusive cover features a black background, while the standard cover has a white background. The other side of the poster will include an updated version of the current Star Wars timeline. Thrawn will be available for purchase on April 11.
  • Star Wars Rebels Magazine illustrator and comic book artist Ingo Römling has a new Twitter account. Make sure to support his work with a follow.

Merchandise and Games

  • A friendly reminder that the Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren itty bittys from Hallmark will be coming out later in May. The 2017 itty bittys Wish List included artwork of the two plushies, which you can see here.
  • A Captain Rex Funko Pop! figure will be included in March’s Smuggler’s Bounty box. It first appeared in a photo shared by Dave Filoni on social media. You can read the official announcement here. Additionally, a third vinyl figure will be included in the box.
  • Funko Pop! figures of the Grand Inquisitor, Seventh Sister, and Fifth Brother will be coming to Walmart soon. While some fans have spotted them on the shelves, others are waiting for these online product listings to go live at some point.
  • Hera and Chopper are part of Fantasy Flight Games’ Imperial Assault, and for those of you who were curious, the artist for the FFG art is illustrator David Nash. You can find “Hera + Chopper” and his other work over at ArtStation.
  • Star Wars: The Card Game is getting a Loth-cat in the near future!
  • According to photos from Toy Fair NY, a Sabine minifig as well as the Phantom and the Ghost will be included in this year’s LEGO Advent Calendar. You can see a picture of it here.
  • Chopper will be the first Star Wars Rebels character that will be added to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, according to Rebel Transmission. The rest of the Ghost crew will also be added.


  • David Oyelowo participated in a Reddit AMA earlier in February and a fan asked a question regarding his role as Agent Kallus in Star Wars Rebels, specifically if he was interested in being part of the live-action films. Oyelowo wrote, “Yeah, I’ve enjoyed playing Agent Kallus immensely, not least because I gained huge browning points from my kids. The fact that I’m in a Star Wars anything, they are far more interested in that than any Dr. King or any Seretse Khama I’ve ever played. In terms of a live action iteration, it may be tricky. Agent Kallus is a white dude with red hair and giant mutton chops, so I like to think I’m a good actor, but that may be a stretch. But you never know, I could have afro mutton chops.”
  • A fan question during a John Knoll interview with The Hollywood Reporter was about the Star Wars Rebels references. At around 14:15, Knoll mentioned how he turned to Pablo Hidalgo and Leland Chee and asked them what they should have in the Rebel fleet for the movie. Leland suggested that the fleet should include the Hammerhead corvettes. Knoll also thought that it would be fun to throw the Ghost in there, as well. After getting the models, they had to rebuild them in order for them to hold up in a live-action movie. The natural evolution as they figured out the space battle scene eventually led to the Hammerhead corvette being used against a Star Destroyer in a tugboat sort of way.
  • TrueHoop Podcast spoke with Freddie Prinze, Jr., about Rogue One and what’s next for Star Wars.

Fan Creations

  • Redditor satellite_uplink took a TIE Fighter Expansion Pack from the X-Wing Miniatures Game and custom painted it with Ahsoka’s features. You can find the gallery on Imgur.
  • Taylor Walker built a darksaber entirely out of LEGO. You can find his gallery on Flickr and an interview with Kristin Baver at
  • Joanna Wallace‏ (@MissUpsetter) created a beautiful Ahsoka doll that she originally started back in September 2016. You can find her gallery on Facebook.
  • Meet baby Ezra in the most adorable Ezra cosplay I’ve ever seen! Another fan on Twitter also showed off his cosplay of Ezra’s season three look.
  • Jen Strawn (@JenStrawn78) makes super cute felt dolls and her latest creation is Sabine’s look from season three.
  • The Skyhoppers Podcast walks you through a video tutorial on how to create your very own Kanan mask!
  • Laryssa Ferrara‏ (@LaryssaTheStorm) designed an Inquisitorius scarf! She mentioned that the scarf as well as two other designs will be made available on Redbubble post-Celebration. I wish it was available now so that I could wear it to Celebration! Keep a close eye on her account for future updates.

Star Wars Rebels Tweets


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