WonderCon 2017: Geek Fashion Exhibitors

TWG’s first WonderCon is just around the corner, and to prepare for the experience, we gathered together the main geek apparel exhibitors. You can find the full list of this year’s exhibitors, including booth numbers and the convention map, over at the official WonderCon Anaheim 2017 website.


Exhibitor: Comic-Con HQ
Booth: 2011

Comic-Con HQ a subscription-based video-on-demand service that’s filled with pop culture content, including genre movies, cult television classics, San Diego Comic-Con panels, and exclusive original shows. One of those shows is the Her Universe Fashion Show, which aired its first season in spring 2016. I’ll be stopping by this booth to find out if there are any updates regarding a second season for this year’s Fashion Show.


Exhibitor: Her Universe
Booth: 1337

Her Universe will be kicking off the convention season at WonderCon, and now that the website has a new and improved look, I wonder if the booth will also be getting an upgrade with new signage. Also, given the programming from past years, there might be a Her Universe Fashion Show panel that will unveil more details pertaining to the upcoming Hot Topic geek fashion collection and Fashion Show at SDCC.


Exhibitor: Hero Within
Booth: 222

Hero Within is a lifestyle brand that provides subtle, sophisticated, and empowering men’s fashion for the modern geek. Exciting new things are coming out soon from the brand, such as new Wonder Woman clothing. To learn more about Hero Within, check out Galactic Fashion’s interview with Tony Kim. I can’t wait to meet Tony and catch up with him in person!


Exhibitor: Volante Design, Inc.
Booth: 139

Volante Design is known for creating geek clothing inspired by comic books, video games, movies, and much more. Their Star Warrior collection is inspired by Star Wars, and it includes the Scavenger Vest, the Apprentice Jacket, and the Star Warrior Vest. I’m looking forward to dropping by their booth again, since they were at New York Comic Con last year, and seeing the rest of their inspired collections, like Assassin’s Creed, up close.


Exhibitor: WeLoveFine/Mighty Fine
Booth: 1701, 350

WeLoveFine has a variety of Star Wars t-shirts and other apparel, including the popular Finn Jacket, the Vader Embossed Skater Dress, and the BB-8 Skater Dress. Jewelry brand Love and Madness tends to partner up with WLF to display and sell selected pieces from their geeky jewelry collections, so here’s hoping L&M makes an appearance at the booth.


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