Hangin’ with Team Kanan, Episode 32: Twin Suns

Join HANGIN’ WITH TEAM KANAN’s Catrina Dennis, Jeremy Konrad, and Johnamarie Macias as they enthusiastically discuss the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels.

In this episode, Johnamarie and Jeremy talk about “Twin Suns.” The two co-hosts talk about Ezra’s role in the episode, Maul’s last words to Kenobi, Luke’s brief appearance in the distance, and more. Plus, we make our season three finale predictions!

Also, many thanks to TWG contributor and artist Elisa Ardell for the new Team Kanan art!

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At 43 MB, this episode is about 37 minutes long.

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4 Comments on Hangin’ with Team Kanan, Episode 32: Twin Suns

  1. Great episode guys, many lols were had :)

    Re: what Johna said about Ezra taking his encounter with Kenobi to mean there is no key to destroying the Sith, as I understood it, he took Kenobi’s words about him already having what he needs (echoing Yoda) to heart – if there is a way to destroy the Sith, it’s not ‘out there’ but within himself and the family and cause he has built :)

    Re: the Ezra hate, I honestly hadn’t considered that it might be because he’s a boy, I personally like him a lot but I have always been a little unimpressed with his facial design and animation, especially compared with Hera, Kanan, Ahsoka, Maul, Tarkin etc. Seeing Kenobi rendered so lovingly this episode really brought it home – Ezra’s face is kinda blank by comparison. Probably intentionally, so kids can project themselves onto him, but it’s a bit uncanny valley for me.

    I honestly think we’ll see the events leading up to and including this episode from both Kenobi’s and Maul’s perspective in the comics eventually – the episode hints at more happening on Tatooine than we got to see. And you know they’re gonna milk this for all it’s worth in years to come ;)

    Re: the finale, I agree that Thrawn will win – he has to for Scarif to remain the Rebel’s first real victory. And Kallus will die, sorry guys. But it will serve a purpose in Ezra’s arc – I’ve been saying all season that Ezra has to learn to value the lives of even his enemies, and this would serve that purpose. Kallus’ arc will show Ezra that there are people behind the helmets he so casually shoots, and that there’s hope for everyone to do the right thing.


    • Hey, JD! So many great points! Love that first one about Ezra needing to look within himself. I really love that interpretation. And that’s so interesting about his facial design. I hadn’t really thought about it much. Ezra and my brother share similar features, so it never bothered me. Though, I know Ezra’s big nose was something people pointed out a lot toward the start of the series! And I’m so interested to hear your thoughts on the season finale! :D


  2. Great podcast! Even though… I find your lack of “Kanan not in his room” comment disturbing. xD


    • Haha, it’s one of those moments that escaped us, since we had just watched the episode, so those small details slipped past us. Glad you enjoyed it, though!


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