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Thrawn is not Accepting any Surrenders in the Season Three Finale of ‘Star Wars Rebels’

From the start of the third season, Grand Admiral Thrawn has been playing a slow and steady chess game with the rebels, studying their every move and patiently waiting for the right moment to strike.

That moment is finally here.

While setting up final preparations for their attack on Lothal, Phoenix Squadron’s plans are suddenly disrupted when Grand Admiral Thrawn discovers their location. With the rebel base now under siege, Hera and Kanan must continue the fight in order to keep the squadron alive, while Ezra attempts to rally help from an unexpected yet familiar source.

“I’m not accepting surrenders . . . I want utter defeat, crashing down upon you.” 

Star Destroyers, Imperial Supercommandos, AT-ATs on Atollon’s surface. Instead of taking the fight to Lothal, the fight has been brought to them at home base, pushing the Ghost crew and Phoenix Squadron into a corner with no way out.

Agent Kallus’ life is also in danger, as seen in the preview clip from Rebels Recon. His warning to Hera and her team got cut halfway through, but like his other messages, it’s always been a mystery as to how Kallus stays in communication with the rebels. We got a glimpse of Kallus going to Ezra’s old communication tower on Lothal during the mid-season three trailer, so it looks like he’s been sending his encrypted messages right underneath Thrawn’s nose the entire time, but it was only a matter of time before he was discovered. Many believe this will be the end for Kallus, others desperately want to see him survive. Whatever happens, I hope he stays true to himself in the face of danger and possibly defeat.

As for the rest of our rebels, the outcome doesn’t look great, especially given the fact that the first real victory against the Empire happened in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Things might change, however, when Ezra seeks Sabine and her Mandalorian family for assistance. As Sabine said in the mid-season three trailer, “My friends make the impossible possible.” They may not win against the Empire, but at least they’d have sufficient backup to be able to escape with their lives.

Come Saturday, make sure you grab your pillow for support because it’s going to be one thrilling and emotional ride.

What are your thoughts and predictions? Share them in the comments section below.

Catch the exciting one-hour season three finale, “Zero Hour: Part 1 and 2,” at an earlier time on Saturday, March 25, at 11:00 AM EST/PST on Disney XD. Additional encores will play later in the evening at 5:00 PM, 8:00 PM, 10:30 PM, and 12:30 AM EST/PST.

2 comments on “Thrawn is not Accepting any Surrenders in the Season Three Finale of ‘Star Wars Rebels’

  1. Jon Hodges

    I think Kallus’ luck has run out, but he will die stopping Thrawn at a critical point in the fight

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