WonderCon 2017: Her Universe Fashion Show Update Panel

Key creators and designers from Her Universe and Hot Topic came together for the The Her Universe Fashion Show Update panel at WonderCon Anaheim 2017.

Hosted by Ashley Eckstein, the panelists included 2016 Fashion Show winners Hannah Lee Kent, Jesse Thaxton, and Camille Falciola as well as Cat Carson (Senior Brand Manager, Her Universe), Ed Labay (VP GMM, Hot Topic), Andrea Lewis (VP Brand Marketing, Hot Topic), and Jennifer Tisdale (EVP Blondie Girl Productions).

(Photo: Hot Topic)

The panel kicked off with the 2016 Fashion Show winners giving audience members insight into the Wonder Woman collection they designed in partnership with Her Universe for Hot Topic.

For Jesse Thaxton, Wonder Woman was a huge source of inspiration growing up. She went into the collection thinking of her fellow Wonder Woman fans who have supported each other over the years. The tank, specifically, has a unique feature along the back, and according to Thaxton, “I put the sword on the back of that tank, so that everyone has their sword to defend themselves.”

“We fell in love with Jesse’s inspiration, with Jesse’s story,” said Ashley Eckstein after Jesse introduced her designs.

(Photo: Hot Topic)

Unlike her fellow designer, Camille Falciola wasn’t familiar with Wonder Woman when she entered the project.

“It was definitely one of the fandoms that I had the least amount of knowledge in, so I did a lot of research on her colors because that is what drew me,” she said before sharing a secret about the short A-line dress on the left. “It’s reversible.”

It’s a 2-in-1 dress that’s perfect for traveling.

Falciola’s design at the Her Universe Fashion Show also had a similar transformation feature, so they were able to translate it from the runway into retail. Falciola kept quiet about the print hidden underneath, however, wanting it to be a pop of surprise for buyers.

The white-to-blue ombré skirt was inspired by a Barbie doll that was released for the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman, so it keeps to the theme while also looking subtle for various situations.

(Photo: Hot Topic)

Last but not least, Hannah Lee Kent took this opportunity not only to grow as a designer, but also, to learn more about Wonder Woman.

“Everyone needs a little black dress,” she said, referring to the black dress with gold accents, as seen on the right. “I also know that I like to be comfortable, and so, the sweater—the print on it—is actually inspired from the long cape. There was this concept art of her cape that had this beautiful pattern in it.”

She also mentioned how much she loves motorcycles and how she’s in the process of creating her own gear line.

“It was so exciting to get to do a motorcycle style jacket that was inspired by her armor,” Kent said. “She’s such an empowering presence for female [fans]—whether you’re a fan of comics or not.”

The Wonder Woman fashion collection will be available at Hot Topic stores and online sometime in mid-May.

Hot Topic’s Ed Labay and Andrea Lewis as well as Cat Carson and Jennifer Tisdale also shared some advice and words of inspiration pertaining to jumping into the profession, submitting to this year’s Fashion Show, and much more.

Watch the rest of the panel below.


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