Celebration Orlando 2017: Loungefly’s New Products Continue to Impress

When it comes to Star Wars handbags, there’s one company that never ceases to impress. Loungefly is the #1 place to satisfy your handbag needs for a variety of fandoms, but they always knock it out of the park when it comes to the galaxy far, far away.

At Star Wars Celebration Orlando, the fan favorite brand debuted its exclusive 40th Anniversary Backpack ($55) with matching case and set of buttons. Only 500 were made, and 100 will be sold on the website for those who are unable to attend the convention.

While other backpacks tend to be flashy on the outside and skimp on the inside, Loungefly stands out by putting a remarkable amount of thought into the entire product. The inside of the limited edition backpack has a lovely striped lining. Not only that, but there’s a space to place your laptop or tablet, and it’s incredibly roomy for school supplies or just a weekend trip to your favorite Star Wars destination across the stars.

What’s even more impressive? The new mini backpacks ($64) for both rebel supporters and Imperial (dark side) loyalists.

“Mini backpacks are always a great seller for us. They fit a lot more than you would think,” said Tess Aquino, Loungefly’s Sales Assistant. “We really wanted to do something that was cosplay and something different with our mini backpacks, so these new backpacks have a little more detail to them. They have faux leather appliqué; it makes it more special than our usual printed mini backpacks.”

The details are truly incredible.

Last but not least, Loungefly wants to remind its loyal customers that the limited edition Pink Stormtrooper Coin Bag ($35) is also available on the website, but only while supplies last, so once it’s gone, it’s gone!

As for what’s being planned for the future and The Last Jedi

“At this time we really can’t say what’s going on, but we’re always excited when new movies come out,” said Aquino. “Every time we sign a NDA, we know that something good is in the works!”

We’re looking forward to it, no doubt about that!

Head on over to to make your purchases today, and follow Loungefly on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.


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