Illuminate Your Space With Lux Illume’s ‘Star Wars’ Inspired Candle Collection

Candles are the best way to infuse your home with comforting aromas and relax your mind after a long day, and if you’re a Star Wars fan, it’s one of the best ways to immerse yourself in that galaxy far, far away.

Lux Illume, a company dedicated to bringing natural soy candles to your home, has a set of Star Wars inspired candles that you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

Known as the “May The Flame Be With You” collection, Lux Illume took the stunning planet landscapes from the movies and put their own spin on it, creating scented candles that evoke those fictional worlds.

The collection was created to celebrate Star Wars Day (May the Fourth), and the company partnered up with the amazing and talented Sam Skyler to create an exclusive art print. Some of you might remember Sam from a past Galactic Fashion episode, but she also spoke with TWG about her Kickstarter project back in 2015.

For $50, you’ll receive the art print as well as the following inspired scents:

An 8-ounce lightsaber silver candle tin called “Come to the Dark Side.” After all, the dark side has cookies!

A 6-ounce lightsaber silver candle tin called “My Joints are Freezing Up,” inspired by the icy terrain of Hoth.

A 6-ounce lightsaber silver candle tin called “Light This Candle, You Will,” inspired by Lux Illume’s favorite Jedi and his swamp home on Dagobah.

A 6-ounce lightsaber silver candle tin called “Wick-It,” inspired by the adorable and resourceful Wicket the Ewok and the lush forests of Endor.

A 6-ounce lightsaber silver candle tin called “What A Desolate Place This Is,” inspired by the barren landscape of Tatooine.

Here’s the thing. The set is only available for a limited time because the pre-order window closes on Thursday, May 4, 2017, so if you want to have your very own Star Wars inspired candle collection, don’t wait because no additional sets will be produced. Those who place orders will receive their sets later in June.

Not only that, but since Lux Illume is dedicated to illuminating hope and paying it forward, $5 from every box purchased will go to the Make-a-Wish foundation.

So what are you waiting for? Place your orders over at Lux Illume today! Afterward, follow them on Instagram and head over to their Facebook and give their page a like!


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