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TWG Giveaway: Autographed Photo of Hera Syndulla

I couldn’t leave Star Wars Celebration Orlando without saying hello and giving hugs to one of my favorite people in the Star Wars community, the lovely and talented Vanessa Marshall.

In order to see her, I went ahead and purchased a beautiful 11×14 photo of Hera Syndulla and thought, “Why don’t I do a giveaway on my site?” since I don’t normally collect autographs for myself.

It was my first time queuing up in the autograph section of the convention center, so I was worried I was doing it wrong, but thankfully, it all worked out in the end because I got see Vanessa and I got this photo signed for a lucky TWG reader out there.

If you’re interested in winning this autograph, here’s a few things you can do:

  • Follow @TWGsite on Twitter and retweet the contest tweet = 1 entry
  • Like TWG’s Facebook page and share the contest post = 1 entry
  • Leave a comment below about how Hera (or Star Wars Rebels) has had a positive impact on your life = 1 entry

This contest starts today, May the Fourth, and it will end on May 25, 2017 at noon (12pm) EST. A winner will be announced on Twitter and Facebook at 5pm EST later that day.

This contest is also open to both national and international fans.

Many thanks to Vanessa for signing the photo with the words, “We have hope!” Both she and Hera are inspirational figures in the Star Wars community, and even though season four is the last season of Star Wars Rebels, this photo will continue to encourage and bring optimism to its future owner.

Best of luck to everyone entering, and may the Fourth/Force be with you!

15 comments on “TWG Giveaway: Autographed Photo of Hera Syndulla

  1. Melanie Price

    Hera has had a positive impact on my niece, who is seven. Hera is a great role model- a confident, caring and capable leader. Rebels has been a great way to share Star Wars with my niece and it’s inspired a lot of great talks… And art work!

  2. rabenmund

    Hera combines all things I love in Star Wars: a rebel heart, strong female, bad ass pilot. And she flies an A-Wings! This way, she became my favorite Star Wars character.

  3. Star Wars Rebels has had a positive impact on my life because it has inspired me to hopefully persue a career in animation. Characters like Hera have such a large impact on people because not only do they show courage and bravery, they prove that women can be amazing leaders as well as men, and therefore are amazing role models to young girls like me who in the future, would love to create more strong characters like Hera Syndulla to provide inspiration for the next generation.

  4. Star Wars Rebels has had a massive impact on my life since it has helped me to decide that I wish to persue a career in animation. Characters like Hera have such a large impact on people, firstly because they are brave, courageous and strong but also because they show that women have power and can lead too. She is such an inspiration to young girls like me, and the future I wish to create characters like her.

  5. Rick Martinez

    Hers has made a positive impact on my daughter. Here’s ability to lead has shown her that she can be a leader to a few people or to a large group. She also thinks that Here’s independent personality in New Dawn worked to help her accomplish her mission. I feel Here has impacted me by allowing my daughter to see a strong female leading not just kids but of men as well.

  6. Stephen Lengyel

    Hera Syndulla is one of the main reasons I love Rebels. The way she fights for her beliefs, and cares so much about not just the larger cause, but the individuals involved is inspiring. How Hera is so fiery in her combativeness, yet extremely compassionate really stands out among many characters in most other medium of entertainment that (I at least) have seen. I feel that that ambition and drive is important for younger audiences to see these days. I hear a lot of people talk bad about Rebels for being “too kiddie”, but I like to bring up the fact that it is just a vehicle by which to give younglings these principles of becoming strong and motivated adults later in life. I think that Hera does this extremely well. She is a hugely underrated character in my opinion, and I can’t wait to see how much more will be added to her story! May the Force be with you!

  7. Ryan Stämpfli

    Hera like others on the Rebels crew have had a positive influence in my life by being a shared role model and someone both me and my daughter can relate to

  8. I love Hera! This character has to be the perfect role model for leadership qualities: her dedication, bravery, honesty, grace, humor, compassion, & skill mark her as someone I want to be like. In terms of gender representations, both generally and specifically for Star Wars, I find the portrayal of such a capable character to be incredibly important. Yay for Hera Syndulla!

  9. This photo is just beautiful… and Hera is clearly the most inspiring character in “Rebels”.

  10. Bedlam

    Hera is the first Star Wars character who’s been the same age as me the entire time that she’s been onscreen (aside from in A New Dawn), which is one of those things that doesn’t seem like it should matter, and yet really did. We see a lot of characters in SW starting in their teens and growing up, and characters in their late 20s and early 30s, but we don’t often see characters who *start* in their early/mid-20s (and stay alive, sorry, Jyn). Being able to grow up alongside a SW character was never something that happened when I actually was in my teens, even though I was into SW at the time. So being able to have that from Hera — who’s in such a position of power as a young woman — has been something unexpected and delightful and what I needed, at the time and now.

  11. Ahhhh I ❤❤❤❤❤ her!

  12. Ahhhh I ❤❤❤❤ Hera!

  13. Mitch Norton

    Star Wars Rebels was my introduction to Star Wars. My family (Including my wife, six year old daughter, and 4 year old daughter) and I watch the show every week that a new episode airs, and we own the first two seasons on bluray. I grew up a comic book fan and love story telling. It has been great sharing these stories with my girls. Hera is my oldest daughter’s favorite character and that makes her special to my fandom. Hera is a strong, independent character, who also chooses to love and protect her family. She is a great role model for my daughters, and we were very excited to find out that she survives into the OT era of Star Wars. We are huge fans of Vanessa and Hera!

  14. Valeria Sanchez

    Rebels was the thing that ended up pushing me to properly get into Star Wars and get into EU content; it’s brought a lot of joy into my life and has helped me better connect with cool people online!

  15. Allison Cruz

    Hera has made the most positive impact in the star wars franchise. How? Well, by being courageous. Her effort to protect her ghost crew, or family, and beat the empire has taught many to never stand down even when things seem bad. From being ambushed or under attack, hera never gives up and always gives it her all to push through.

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