New From Her Universe #4: BB-8 Cardigan, Leia & Padmé Vanity Shirt, and More

Her Universe has been rolling out new Star Wars products lately with many more coming out later this summer and fall, like the much-anticipated Star Wars athletic wear collection. Until then, fans of Her Universe finally have access to the Timeline Skirt that was announced back in September 2016 for the Disney Parks. The skirt is now available at the Disney Store online for national fans who don’t have access to the theme parks in Florida and California.

Other new fashionable products include the “May the Force” Varsity Shirt and the Leia & Padmé Shirt—both of which were announced at Star Wars Celebration Orlando during the Disney Parks Merchandise panel. The latter was designed by Ashley Taylor, who had previously worked on the AT-AT and Ewok Cardigans as well as the Timeline Skirt.

“She’s known for her vanity series,” said Ashley Eckstein at the panel. “And I called her up one day, and I said, ‘Ashley, we need a vanity for Princess Leia.’ This was actually before the passing of Carrie Fisher when I asked her to do this piece. It means so much to us—for Her Universe.”

Also seen below is the new BB-8 Boyfriend Cardigan, and unlike most of the 3/4 length sleeve cardigans released in the past, this is a full-length sleeve cardigan.

Which one are you planning to get? Let us know in the comments section below.

(Photo: Disney Store)

Star Wars Galaxy (Timeline) Skirt, $74.99

Slip into this vintage look skirt from our Star Wars Boutique, decorated with Galactic Empire topography elements in a style reminiscent of Disney’s “it’s a small world.”

(Photo: Her Universe)

“May the Force” Varsity V-Neck T-Shirt, $25.90 – $29.90

If there was ever a winning team; it was the team that knew how to use the force. This white and black baseball style tee is the perfect way to cheer on yourself, your loved ones, and any other Force wielder you may encounter.

(Photo: Her Universe)

BB-8 Boyfriend Cardigan, $69.90

BB-8 was a loyal companion to Poe, and eventually Finn. That’s why we thought the boyfriend cut was the perfect body style to bring BB-8 to. This relaxed fit, oversized cardigan will become your go-to clothing companion. This oatmeal colored cardi features a BB-8 inspired design and detailing.

(Photo: Her Universe)

Leia & Padmé Vanity T-Shirt, $29.90

The bond between a mother and daughter is truly something special. Princess Leia and Padmé were bonded as mother and daughter; The Force made their ties to one another even stronger. This white tee celebrates Leia and Padmé with an image of Leia at her vanity with Padmé in the mirror’s reflection.

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