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“I heard that!” Favorite Kanan Jarrus Moments From ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season Three

While Star Wars Rebels is on break, some of us are spinning around in our chairs, eagerly anticipating the final season. Now is the perfect time to look back and see how these characters have grown and speculate on where they might be going next. Personally, I like to think back on the moments that made me laugh or feel emotional or cry out, “I love these characters so much!”

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be highlighting some of my favorite character moments, starting with Spectre-1 himself, Kanan Jarrus.

Meeting the Bendu, “Steps Into Shadow”

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Kanan being blinded by Maul is still one of the most shocking moments of the series, and even though it was a difficult journey for Kanan in the months after Malachor, his internal struggle ultimately introduced us to another mysterious aspect of the Force, the Bendu. Like every person who loses their way, there’s always someone—or in this case, something—to pull them back into place. Thankfully for the Ghost crew, Kanan found his way back.

Seeing Through the Force, “The Holocrons of Fate”

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Maul and Ezra joined the Sith and Jedi holocrons, drowning the entire room in blinding white light. The only person who wasn’t affected was Kanan, but instead of relying on his other senses to get to Ezra, he was able to see with the light of the holocrons. Granted, he couldn’t see details, but he could make out the silhouettes of Maul and Ezra in the middle of the room. That, to me, is fascinating, and although we don’t have an explanation as to why that happened, it truly takes “seeing through the Force” to another level.

Incoming Fire, “Hera’s Heroes”

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Now that Kanan has learned how to see his surroundings differently, thanks to the Bendu, he’s back on his feet and doing his thing. Another favorite moment of mine is when he senses incoming fire from a stormtrooper and diverts it back to the AT-DP standing nearby. Knowing they’ve escaped the clutches of the Empire yet again, he gives their enemy a mocking salute before the ramp closes. Insert *heart eyes* emoji here!

He’s No Skywalker, “Ghosts of Geonosis”

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

As we all know, Force sensitive people are capable of doing a variety of impressive things, so when Kanan makes that leap from one end of the bridge to the other not only does he demonstrate once again that he’s beyond cool, but it gave us one of the most comedic moments in the season when Rex says, “Yeah, but he’s no Skywalker.”

“I heard that!”

Uncovering the Truth, “Trials of the Darksaber”

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

When it comes to his teaching skills, Kanan has come a long way, but he still needs advice and guidance from time to time and that’s where Hera comes in. Told that he needs to relinquish the hold he has on Sabine’s training, he gives Sabine the darksaber. In the confrontation that follows, he pokes and prods in an attempt to finally get the truth out of her. He knows that in doing this, he’s giving her the chance to face her demons. This will allow her to move forward with the mission she’s been tasked. Customizing one’s tactics and being open to listen are marks of a great teacher.

All Good Things, “Zero Hour”

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

While Kanan and the Bendu had a good thing going earlier in the season, all good things come to an end. Kanan is no longer the man he used to be, running away from his past and letting innocent people suffer around him, so when he recognizes someone who acts like a coward and smells like a coward, he’s going to call them out regardless of the consequences. Fortunately for him and his team, it worked out in their favor, but will the mystical events on Atollon follow him into the next season? We’ll have to wait and see.

What are your favorite Kanan Jarrus moments from season three? Share them in the comments section below.


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5 comments on ““I heard that!” Favorite Kanan Jarrus Moments From ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season Three

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  2. I agree with all these moments being awesome – the little salute is probably my favourite. But I’m not sure Kanan’s right about the Bendu being a coward, I kinda get the impression that the Bendu’s neutrality has cost him a great deal on a personal level, possibly the extinction of his entire people and their way of life. The way he says “Once a secret is known it cannot be unknown…” and “Perhaps it is the will of the Force that you and your kind perish…” makes me think that at some point in the distant past he learned about the imminent destruction of everything he cherished and that he had to let it happen for the greater good, or something. Being called a coward by someone who did in fact run away from similar circumstances would understandably infuriate him. Just my random speculation :)

    (On a meta level, Tom Baker is of course the best-known and most beloved incarnation of the Doctor from Doctor Who, who in recent years’ stories was revealed to have seemingly annihilated both his own people and their opponents in a war that threatened the very existence of the universe, making him the last of his kind, ancient and terrible. I don’t think I’m reading too much into things by suggesting that Tom Baker’s casting as the Bendu is meant to imply a similar story for the new character ;) )

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  5. My favorite scenes would be three:

    One where he lifted that honking big bridge to allow Rex and Saw to cross, and two where he hugged Ezra and Sabine, respectively.

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