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Carrie Beck Talks About ‘Forces of Destiny’ on ‘The Star Wars Show’

VP of Animation Development and Lucasfilm Story Group’s Carrie Beck recently spoke about the company’s upcoming project, Forces of Destiny, in The Star Wars Show. Beck helps develop the ideas and stories that eventually get told in the Star Wars animated shows.

Take the origin of Star Wars Rebels, for example.

“Carrie had an idea we all liked for an A-Team-style group, so that stayed on the table,” said Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni in a interview about the Disney XD series two years ago. “So, we each had different ideas, but really with [creative executives] Kiri [Hart], Rayne [Roberts], Carrie, and I sitting around the table, we decided to focus on the A-Team idea.”

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Forces of Destiny is the new micro-series with stories written by Jennifer Muro that was announced at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, and each 2-3 minute short tells an untold story of an inspirational character, like Princess Leia, Ahsoka Tano, and Jyn Erso.

When it comes to deciding which moments are highlighted in Forces of Destiny, it’s a matter of looking at current and future stories from different angles.

“We looked at the stories that are being told right now, and then, given the knowledge we have about where we might go in the future, we started to look for what were the examples of the moments that would display those acts of everyday heroism, the small moments of courage, of bravery, of the moments that build great character.”

The first batch of Forces of Destiny shorts debuts later this summer through Disney’s YouTube Channel with 8 additional shorts premiering later this fall on the Disney Channel. Also, make sure to stop by Target for exclusive merchandise that will be appearing in stores on July 30.


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