Star Wars ComLINKS: Button and Pin Collection

Star Wars ComLINKS is a monthly linkup by AAHA meant to inspire fans to write and talk about various topics pertaining to the galaxy far, far away.

June’s Topic: Button and Pin Collection

The button and pin collecting trend isn’t something I thought I was going to get sucked into, but once I started attending more and more conventions, especially Star Wars Celebration, my collection went from a few simple lanyard buttons to a box filled with hard and soft enamel pins. The collecting hasn’t stopped, and in fact, I go searching throughout social media to collect even more pins. What used to be a casual activity of picking up free buttons has become a full-blown addiction, and the collection continues to grow each day!

My first Star Wars Celebration was at Anaheim in 2015. Many in the blogging and podcasting community created their own promotional buttons and this is what really kicked off my button and pin collecting hobby. While I love to collect officially licensed merchandise, I also love to collect items created by the fans, like the Ahsoka Tano felt pin made by Meg Humphrey of Far Far Away Radio and Rogue Podron.

The book pins from Del Rey Books are also a favorite of mine, since they feature the covers of the first six canon novels published by Del Rey in this new era of Star Wars storytelling.

Although I couldn’t go to Star Wars Celebration Europe in London, I’m thankful I was able to attend the most recent Celebration in Orlando. Almost every time I met someone, it would involve exchanging hugs and buttons. After the convention, I came back home with a bag full of buttons and pins, many of which couldn’t fit in my frame. While I treasure each button dearly, I think my favorite from this year’s batch is the “Ahsoka Lives?” button that was given out by Dave Filoni and his team!

Star Wars Celebration also conducts its own pin trading program. While I love to collect a variety of fan-made buttons and pins, I also have a specific focus. Since I’m a huge fan of Star Wars animation (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, and now, Forces of Destiny), my collecting priorities normally lie within this area, so I made it my sole mission to collect the Rebels/Clone Wars emoji pins from Celebration Europe as well as the Rebels/Clone Wars pins from Celebration Orlando. The only one missing is this year’s Hera pin. Unfortunately, the pin trading program branched out to vendors, and every time I went to track her down, she was sold out. Now, a few pins exist on eBay, but sellers have her priced at over $100. The struggle of pin collecting is real!

Her Universe also contributed to my love of pin collecting, since the lifestyle brand releases a holiday pin every year. Unfortunately, I missed out in the early years of the tradition, but starting in 2012, I started collecting them more consistently. The most recent addition was the Ahsoka Tano pin designed by Dave Filoni, which was sold online at Hot Topic, since the Her Universe site was undergoing massive changes after being acquired by Hot Topic in late 2016. I can’t wait to see what this year’s pin will look like!

As mentioned before, I love to collect fan-made buttons, but I’ve also gotten into the habit of collecting artist-made pins from online shops on Etsy, Storenvy, etc., and supporting small businesses. These hard and soft enamel pins have inspired me to design some of my own, and although I haven’t moved past the idea/design phase yet, I’m really interested in selling some of my own Star Wars inspired pins in the near future.

Finally, my pin collection also includes officially licensed pins from Disney. I wish I had more, but Disney tends to focus on characters that don’t appeal to me too much. I would like to see more prequel and animation themed pins, but I completely understand that their current focus is on the sequels. I don’t really have a favorite character when it comes to those movies yet, but for now, these are the Disney pins that have interested me the most.

With so much Star Wars content being generated and more blogs/podcasts being created every day, I look forward to collecting more buttons and pins and proudly showing them off on my apparel and accessories.

Do you collect Star Wars buttons and enamel pins? Share which ones you have in the comments section below.


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2 comments on “Star Wars ComLINKS: Button and Pin Collection

  1. Afer AotC came out, Tattoiine Traders at Hollywood Studios had pins of both classic and prequel characters and ships. I snagged a Han, a Leia, a Padme, and an Anakin. I later traded a castmember for an X-Wing pin. They then started this mashup character thing, and I have some of Disney characters as Star Wars characters. They are some of my favorites. I got a Jyn and X-Wing patch pin in November during a trip there. I was wearing the patch pin at an admin council meeting and one of the library’s directors went nuts over it.

  2. I loved hearing about how you started collecting pins! I think it’s really fun how there are so many collectible buttons and pins at Conventions. The exclusivity of them makes them all the more special!

    I am mostly obsessed with your Ahsoka and Troopie options. <3 Oh, and the way you have them displayed is just fabulous! They are pretty enough for a museum.

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