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Jennifer Muro Talks About ‘Forces of Destiny’ With Den of Geek

While Star Wars Rebels remains on break until the fall and LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures kicks off the rest of the second season later this summer, there’s another animated series that will be debuting in July that promises to capture the “everyday heroism” of some of our favorite female characters.

Writer Jennifer Muro recently spoke with Den of Geek about the series, including her getting to write about Ahsoka Tano, touching on Sabine Wren’s backstory, and hinting at the team-ups that will pop up throughout the micro-series.

“I wouldn’t want to make any decisions about Ahsoka without Dave [Filoni],” Muro said, knowing that not much could be done with the character in the Star Wars Rebels time period. Fans are desperate to know what happened to Ahsoka following the season two finale of Rebels, but Forces of Destiny will explore her acts of heroism during the time of the Clone Wars.

Other heroines will include Jyn Erso and Leia Organa, the latter of which will be voiced by newcomer Shelby Young.

“Princess Leia has been a huge influence on my life and to be able to portray her is an absolute dream come true!” Young wrote on Twitter. The character was previously voiced by Julie Dolan in the Star Wars Rebels episode, “A Princess on Lothal.”

Forces of Destiny will also continue to do something that Star Wars Rebels started to do in season three and that’s exploring Sabine’s backstory.

“We have a nice amount of Sabine in there, which is fantastic,” said Muro. Star Wars Rebels fans will be excited to see her interact with Leia as well as an old friend of her past. “It’s about her growing into who she is. We get to see some early moments here when she’s not as mature as where we are now in season three and, coming up, on season four. She’s more impulsive.”

While Muro didn’t reveal too many details regarding the individual shorts, we do know the following, as mentioned in EW (beware of spoilers):

  • One short features Rey on Jakku having a scary encounter with a deadly nightwatcher worm, while Teedo searches for BB-8.
  • One short features Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Finn aboard the Millennium Falcon as Rey attempts to disarm an explosive tracking device that was placed and hidden there by Unkar Plutt.
  • One short features Princess Leia just before the Battle of Hoth. It was inspired by a deleted scene from The Empire Strikes Back. In that scene, Leia, C-3PO, R2-D2, and Chewbacca come in contact with a dangerous Wampa.
  • One short features Sabine and her friend, Ketsu Onyo. Convinced the rebel life isn’t for her, Ketsu has a change of heart when she and Sabine make a discovery while on a mission to steal supplies for the Rebel Alliance.
  • One short features Hera Syndulla and Leia as they team up for an adventure with Han Solo and the inhabitants of Endor, the Ewoks.

Which short are you most excited to watch? What would you like to see explored in the series? Share your comments in the section below.

Forces of Destiny will premiere in July on Disney’s YouTube channel. The micro-series will continue with a two-part television special on the Disney Channel later this fall. Exclusive merchandise will also be released at Target and Hasbro will be releasing an action figure line to accompany the show’s debut.


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2 comments on “Jennifer Muro Talks About ‘Forces of Destiny’ With Den of Geek

  1. I want to see if there are any mentions of Kanan and Ezra during the Leia/Hera short.

    • That would be awesome, but I don’t think they’ll say much, especially since these shorts are airing before season 4 even begins. They wouldn’t want to give anything away too early. We’ll have to wait and see!

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