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Ashley Eckstein Talks About ‘Forces of Destiny’ on ‘The Star Wars Show’

Ashley Eckstein stopped by the set of The Star Wars Show to talk about the latest project that involves her return as the voice of Ahsoka Tano, Star Wars: Forces of Destiny.

“What I love about Ahsoka in Forces of Destiny is it’s during the Clone Wars era,” she said. “I spent so much time with Ahsoka in the Clone Wars era and I missed that time. I mean, that’s the Ahsoka I obviously bonded with the most. And you know, there’s still so many stories to be told. We get to find out more about her relationship with Padmé and even more with Anakin.”

She and Matt Lanter, the voice of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, had recently shared a photo on social media of their recording session together for Forces of Destiny.

“These are moments that easily could have been in a Clone Wars episode,” she said, when elaborating on how these shorts deal with important plot points and affect the growth of the characters.

“One of the scenes that I recorded was a really nice, touching moment between Ahsoka and Padmé. It was almost like an extension of that episode (footage of “Assassin” was shown as she spoke) and so the whole family is going to love these shorts together. And trust me, the one that I just recorded,” she said, before stopping herself from saying anything more. “There’s information in there that everyone will want to know.”

Eckstein also talked about how the audience first reacted to Ahsoka about 9 years ago.

“It’s such an honor to play Ahsoka in anything, but to be part of a project like this, especially me coming in 2008 when this stereotype was that Star Wars was for men and boys,” she said, while also referring to the negativity she received from the fan community.

It’s a mentality that, unfortunately, continues to persist today, but the hope is that shows like Forces of Destiny will expose the younger generation to a diverse group of heroes and help shape them to be more inclusive.

“This [show] is going to make huge strides in making that conversation go away. Soon, the only conversation would just be that Star Wars is for everyone.”

Forces of Destiny will debut on July 3, 2017, through Disney’s YouTube Channel. A new short will premiere online every day at 10am PST/1pm EST, culminating with their broadcast debut on the Disney Channel on Sunday, July 9.


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