Bioworld to Debut Hoth Collection and Other Exclusives at SDCC 2017

If you’re headed to San Diego Comic-Con this summer, make sure to save up every last penny because Bioworld will be debuting their jaw-dropping Hoth collection at the Lucasfilm Pavilion.

The brand, known for its impressive range of licensed apparel and accessories, teased the collection back on May the Fourth, where it was revealed on social media that the line would debut at SDCC.

“Our new Hoth line is Han Solo approved,” they wrote on Instagram.

One Instagrammer replied and reminded Bioworld that Han Solo is no longer a player on the board due to what happened to him at the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, so how could they have gotten his approval?

“We asked him before the last movie, he told us, ‘Remember how awesome I dressed in the original trilogy,’ and so we did,” they wrote in response.

Needless to say, this is one killer collection and it does an exceptional job at capturing Han Solo’s look from The Empire Strikes Back.

Of course, you can’t have a Rebel collection without showing a little love to the Imperial side of the war. The Hoth Collection also features Imperial AT-AT driver inspired products that finally step away from the traditional dark and brooding colors. The white and red-accented collection truly stands out from the crowd and any Imperial fan would be happy to own pieces from this collection.

Both the Rebel and Imperial Hoth collections will be available for purchase at SDCC and range between $8 and $70. If you can’t make it to this year’s convention, Bioworld also informed fans that pieces from the collections will be available through different retailers and that more information will be released closer to the event later in July.

Finally, fans attending SDCC will also get the chance to purchase new Star Wars wallets that feature schematics of some of our favorite starships and starfighters. Each one is priced at $50.

TWG will be attending this year’s SDCC, so stay tuned for more coverage from the convention floor and keep up-to-date by following TWG on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.


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1 comment on “Bioworld to Debut Hoth Collection and Other Exclusives at SDCC 2017

  1. I need some of that Han collection. Just don’t know what yet.

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