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‘Forces of Destiny’ Short #1: “Sands of Jakku”

The choices we make. The actions we take. Moments, both big and small, shape us into forces of destiny. 

Disney and Lucasfilm debuted the first Star Wars: Forces of Destiny short, entitled “Sands of Jakku,” where Rey and BB-8 happen upon their first adventure together.

The short takes place soon after Rey finds BB-8 and rescues him from a Teedo. Earlier in The Force Awakens, however, BB-8 had passed by a creature with a T-shaped head and glowing red eyes during the middle of the night. Known as a nightwatcher worm, what if this creature had followed BB-8, since it has an appetite for junk and metal scraps? After all, there’s always a story hidden between the scenes.

In Forces of Destiny, we travel back to those early scenes in the movie and we see exactly what happened between Rey and BB-8 that made her turn down the pile of food portions Unkar Plutt had offered her in exchange for BB-8. We know she’s a selfless person, but this short (as well as the one shown at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, “BB-8 Bandits”) helped us see how she and BB-8 had formed a special bond.

“Sands of Jakku” also gave us another look at her agility and skill in dealing with the harsh environment she’s been forced to grow up in. She knew how to handle herself during this specific moment, not letting her fear or the uncertainty of the situation get the best of her. She trusted her instincts, kept a cool head on her shoulders, and instead of harming the creature, she gave it some junk to appease its stomach. She understood that all it wanted to do was eat. She showed an act of kindness and that’s what we should always strive to do in our own environments.

All of this put together, to me, reinforces the fact that Rey is a great role model for children, and since they are the target audience, this was a great way to kick off Forces of Destiny.

Jennifer Muro and the rest of the creative team at Lucasfilm and Ghostbot should be proud because these small nuggets of stories are the perfect way to introduce young (and older) fans to Star Wars. They captured what it means to be a good person and Star Wars has always been about showing us those kinds of lessons.

What were your thoughts about “Sands of Jakku”? Share your comments in the section below.

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