Her Universe Teams Up With Disney to Bring New Princess Leia Apparel

Ashley Eckstein made a special appearance at D23 Expo’s “Celebrated Product Legacy and the Exciting Future Ahead” panel, where she unveiled new geek fashion collections from Her Universe.

The collections stem from Her Universe’s growing collaboration between the Disney Store and the Disney Parks, and now, the fangirl lifestyle brand has partnered up with The Dress Shop, where she will be debuting Alice in Wonderland apparel as well as the Haunted Mansion and the various Disney lands with art by Ashley Taylor.

One of those collections features apparel inspired by Princess Leia.

“The original self-rescuing princess was Princess Leia, so we’re really inspired by Princess Leia and Carrie Fisher, as well, so we have some tribute pieces this year,” she said at the panel.

The Princess Leia Cape Coat was inspired by Leia’s ceremonial gown from A New Hope. Even the collar is based on the necklace she wore during the ceremony.

The Princess Leia Bespin Dress takes inspiration from Leia’s Bespin outfit from The Empire Strikes Back. The dress, according to Ashley Eckstein, is fully embroidered.

Lastly, the Princess Leia Hoth Vest is also based on an outfit she wore in The Empire Strikes Back and it also appears to have a similar quilting detail as the original.

“We are so excited to share these new designs coming to Disney Parks and Disney Stores in the fall and early 2018!” the brand wrote on Twitter.

To see what else Her Universe has in store for Disney fans, watch the video below.

Eckstein also appeared on the Oh My Disney Stage, where she and host Andi Gutierrez talked about her journey from acting to creating Her Universe. They also talked about:

  • Her love of Alice in Wonderland and expanding Her Universe to include more designs for the Disney Parks and the Disney Store
  • Building a community through Her Universe
  • Collaborating more with the Disney Store and designing 4 exclusive items
  • Showing off the new and upcoming designs
  • Working with The Dress Shop in Disney Parks
  • Forces of Destiny and her experience with that project

Watch the 15-minute panel below.

After the “Catch Up With Ashley Eckstein” panel on the Oh My Disney Stage, fans had the opportunity to get a Forces of Destiny print signed by Eckstein, as seen below.

(Photo: Katie Hughes)

Stay tuned for more information regarding Her Universe, Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, and other favorite activities from D23 as it becomes available.

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