ThinkGeek and Her Universe Introduce a ‘Star Wars’ Office Wear Collection

ThinkGeek and Her Universe teamed up to create a collection Star Wars fans have been desperately wanting to see for years—a collection that steps away from the junior look and dives into the world of office wear.

Like ThinkGeek wrote on their website, “Corporate wear doesn’t have to be boring.” Thankfully, both companies have worked together to design a variety of options “for the Star Wars fan who lives in the business world but refuses to check her fandom at the door.”

“We were fortunate enough to team up with Ashley Eckstein once again to make this collection a reality,” stated ThinkGeek. “Our aim with these pieces was to give the Star Wars universe a fitting place in the work wardrobes of fangirls everywhere. These looks are understated—appropriate attire for a data entry temp or a senator. Some fashion’s all about the brand logos. We choose to make ours Empire or Rebel.”

Most fans on social media are excited to see a more subtle take in this collection, especially since logos and overt designs tend to push people away.

So tell us, which piece is your favorite?

Rebel Alliance Print Infinity Scarf, $24.99

Faces of Vader Leggings, $29.99

R2-D2 Print Ladies’ Tunic Blouse, $34.99

Ships Ladies’ Blouse, $39.99

Star Wars Symbols Ladies’ Blazer, $59.99

Symbols Collared Tank Tunic, $29.99

R2-D2 Print Ladies’ Tank Dress, $44.99

Personally, my favorite is the R2-D2 print tank dress, as seen above. Her Universe made a similar dress for the Disney Parks, but the off-white and red on a blue background works well for an office environment.

Another thing that’s a plus about the collection is that it’s affordable. Workwear is selling at the same prices in other locations, but instead of going for the traditional striped pants or patterned blouse, the Star Wars collection makes it easier to show off what you love while working hard.

Tell us what you think about this collection? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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1 comment on “ThinkGeek and Her Universe Introduce a ‘Star Wars’ Office Wear Collection

  1. If I didn’t already have a closet full of around 20 blazers that I rarely rare, I’d have to have that one. I may get the collared tunic though.

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