‘Freemaker Adventures’ Season Two Reviews at Brick Fanatics

Earlier this month, the second season of The Freemaker Adventures debuted on Disney XD, and it was an amazing ride from beginning to end. Along the way, I wrote reviews for each episode over at Brick Fanatics, a UK site dedicated to all things LEGO.

What were your thoughts on the second season of The Freemaker Adventures? Did you have a favorite episode? A favorite character moment? Share them in the comments section below.

Also, make sure to tune into Star Scavengers for our latest episode discussions.

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2 comments on “‘Freemaker Adventures’ Season Two Reviews at Brick Fanatics

  1. This was a truly epic season! It’s hard to choose a favorite episode.

    “The Embersteel Blade” was comedic perfection, but “The Pit and the Pinnacle” was probably my favorite episode this season. The speech that Kordi gave Rowan was so inspiring, and really was a beautiful display of her character development. She’s grown into such a hero since her story began. Kordi is another fine addition to those pragmatic loner types of characters like Jyn, Ezra, Kanan, and Han who change to fight for a cause larger than themselves. That scene was so beautiful, thematically and visually. And the MUSIC! “Be a builder” indeed. And the heaviness and deep feels of that story were perfectly balanced with Zander and Roger’s excellent subplot! That episode walked the line between incredibly touching and laugh-out-loud funny flawlessly.

    I love everything about this show. The Emperor and his complete lack of canon personality compliance is my absolute favorite thing. (His Dark Side slideshow, good grief.) In “Return of Return of the Jedi,” when the Emperor shooed away M-OC and then Luke and Vader immediately entered (which was BRILLIANT), I actually felt sad as it dawned on me that he was going to die, because he’s been such an entertaining presence.

    And the addition of Quarrie really could not be more perfect. He’s the grumpy “KIDS today…” foil to the kids’ gung-ho attitude, he’s still delightfully mildly insane, and he’s still hilariously super casual about life-threatening peril. Also, Corey Burton. I’m happy the showrunners saw such potential in Quarrie’s character, and used the existence of Shantipole to their narrative advantage!

    Other favorite moments:

    -“You’re not three plucky kids!”

    -That part in “Lost Crystals of Qalydon,” when Maynar says “I hope you really are a Jedi!” Rowan’s delivery of “Eh… Jedi in training,” made me laugh. It’s been fun to watch Nicolas Cantu grow so much as a voice actor.

    -*Roger* having the most touching moment in “Escape from Coruscant”: “Guys, you know what Rowan once said to me? ‘What’s the point of saving the galaxy if the people you love aren’t in it?'” Okay, AWWW. That was a lovely callback, and I think that’s really good character development for him; he’s grown a little more courageous and a little more selfless, because of Rowan. I’m sorry, but AWWWWW.
    –On that note, I also loved when Roger got to save the day in “Return to the Wheel,” and Rowan gave him a sweet hug in response. Sure, he’s funny when he’s incompetent, but his moments of triumph sure are nice.

    -The ending of “Free Fall” having the most hilarious subversion of the “talk the villain down” trope I have ever seen.

    -The ending of “Return of Return of the Jedi” making me so happy picturing Rowan working with Luke Skywalker, then quickly turning to TERROR as I remembered what happens to Luke’s students! What a perfect final scene, though. They all certainly earned that happy ending!

    I could talk more about what specifically I loved, but it would really just end up being a play-by-play of the entire season, especially the final three episodes. The whole season, and indeed the whole show, has been so charming and uplifting and I’m so happy it exists. Season 2 continued to expand upon its own awesome unique lore, develop the protagonists in satisfying ways, and indiscriminately embrace all chapters of the Star Wars story into its own, which will always mean a lot to me.

    • Loving this comment so much! Apologies for the late reply, but yes to everything! This season was just perfect! I’m so glad there are other fans out there who watched and enjoyed it as much as I did! Thank you so much for reading and leaving that comment! ^_^

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