Elhoffer Design Adds Ahsoka Tano Inspired Longline Cardi to the Galactic Apparel Collection

Fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels can now add a new Ahsoka Tano inspired item to their geeky closets.

So far, we’ve had Ahsoka represented on t-shirts and sweatshirts, but many have been wanting to see the character incorporated into more sophisticated pieces.

Elhoffer Design is known for creating beautiful geek inspired garments for women of all sizes, so it was a wonderful surprise to see the fan-favorite character added to her popular Galactic Apparel collection, where she also recently added two new pieces—the Galactic Mentor Cape and the Galactic General Longline Cardigan—inspired by The Last Jedi.

The Galactic Snips Longline Cardi resembles Ahsoka’s white-and-blue lekku stripes, and for those of you who want to give it more of an Ahsoka touch, you could follow Courtney’s styling and add a burgundy/maroon shirt underneath as well as gray leggings to capture Ahsoka’s costume during the Clone Wars. Pair that up with an orange bracelet or headband and you’re set!

The Cardi is also made out of 100% acrylic yarn (which is perfect for cooler temperatures) and comes with double front pockets. (Note: The placement of the pockets will be changed during production and they will be placed higher up for actual use when wearing.)

What’s most impressive is that you can style it and convert it in a variety of ways. In one of the sample photos, Courtney is wearing the Cardi as a shawl. You can also cross the front at your chest and tie it off in the back.

Currently, Galactic Snips is available for $70. It’s important to preorder items from Elhoffer Design because you’ll get it at a lower price before it goes back to its full amount of $100. Preorders also ensure that the product gets made because if Elhoffer Design doesn’t reach a certain number of preorders, the design gets cancelled.

Head on over to Elhoffer Design today to get your very own Galactic Snips Longline Cardi!

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