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A Closer Look at the ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season Four Trailer #2

A new Star Wars Rebels season four trailer debuted at Fan Expo Canada, and it was jam-packed with never-before-seen content! The crowd at the panel burst into applause and cheer, while fans at home eagerly shared their excitement on social media.

With only 16 episodes in its final season, Rebels has a lot of questions to answer, especially regarding the fates of some of the characters. What’s going to happen to Kanan and Ezra? Where will Sabine go once it’s all done? What about Zeb, Captain Rex, and Kallus?

Here’s hoping the fourth season will answer these questions, but for now, let’s take a closer look at the latest trailer and highlight some of the plot points that we’ll see this season.

Heroes of Mandalore, Part I

Fans at Star Wars Celebration Orlando were the first to see the season opener, but at the time, the second part wasn’t finished. Fortunately, those who attended Fan Expo Canada got to see both episodes!

Without spoiling details pertaining to the season premiere, I will say that these two episodes had impressive and entertaining action sequences. At one point, there was a focus on Kanan’s swift abilities, and one scene (on the far right) was reminiscent of Darth Vader’s appearance on the rebel ship toward the end of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

There was also a focus on Ezra and the important task he had been assigned during this particular mission. The trailer didn’t include it, but there is a scene in this episode that highlights both Ezra’s selflessness and agility. I was happy to hear both audiences at Celebration Orlando and Fan Expo Canada cheer and clap for him during that scene, so I look forward to finding out what the reactions will be like on social media once the two-part episode airs.

Back in season three, we saw Sabine own up to her past and finally confess what she had been hiding for so long. Now that she’s back on Mandalore, her past definitely comes back to haunt her in the present, and it puts the lives of her family and friends in danger.

We got to see hints of Hera and Kanan’s relationship scattered throughout the trailer, and the beginnings of that kick off during this particular scene in the season premiere.

For so long, we thought nothing was going to happen between them, but I personally think that changed when the Empire came down on them on Atollon during the season three finale. Kanan nearly lost his life during the bombardment, so I wonder if those traumatic events and coming close to losing their lives has him thinking about what else he’s been missing out on.

Heroes of Mandalore, Part II

Nothing makes me more happy than seeing Ezra use the rocket launcher from a jetpack, especially against a TIE fighter. It’s a piece of equipment that I’ve always associated with Mandalorians, so it brings me great joy to see a Jedi-in-training using equipment as a Mandalorian would.

These images are self-explanatory in the sense that the Empire is clearly using a weapon against Mandalorians and essentially turning them into dust.

Nothing special going on here, but I just wanted to highlight how Ezra naturally ignites his lightsaber when he sees a threat, while Sabine stands with a cool head on her shoulders.

In these images, we see Mandalorians and Jedi working together to infiltrate the Star Destroyer located near the capital with a specific mission in mind.

I also love seeing Sabine and Bo-Katan working together, especially since they both have a few things in common. Back in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Bo-Katan rebelled against Maul and essentially ran off to fight another day. Sabine rebelled against the Empire and she also ran off. She, however, joined a bigger cause. From what we know, Bo-Katan didn’t do that, so it’ll be interesting to see what responsibilities Bo-Katan will own up to moving forward.

Diversity on Mandalore! It makes me extremely happy to know that there are a variety of Mandalorians. Star Wars: The Clone Wars made them appear a certain away, but it’s great to see people from what appears to be other Mandalorian-controlled worlds (like Sabine’s homeworld, Krownest) present for a momentous occasion.

Satellite Mission

I’ve dubbed this operation the “Satellite Mission,” since their main focus appears to be this satellite structure located on a planet with tall mountains.

Bail Organa asks, “What about the blockade and Admiral Thrawn?”

While General Jan Dodonna asks, “Are you confident your ship can get in and out undetected?”

What this satellite is capable of doing remains unknown for now, but the Alliance needs the Ghost crew to go in undetected and destroy it.

Another thing to note is that almost everyone is present during this meeting, except Kanan. He could just be at the other side of the table, but I wonder if Kanan is just gradually pulling away from the Rebel Alliance’s cause.

Sabine and Ezra infiltrate the satellite by free falling and using their jetpacks. I wonder if their mission is more along the lines of data extraction. The satellite reminds me of the satellite we see in Rogue One and that’s what Jyn and the others ultimately use to send the data to the rebels up in space. I wonder if a similar situation is happening here.

While the Ghost is known for going in and leaving undetected, unfortunately for them, it looks like the TIE Defender chases after them. Meanwhile, a U-wing approaches the satellite and takes it out.

I believe it was at Star Wars Celebration Orlando where it was mentioned that Saw Gerrera and Edrio Two Tubes have their own U-wing, so if that information is correct, then maybe it was Saw and Two Tubes at the helm that took out the satellite.

Undercover Mission

This trailer also featured more scenes of what I like to call the “Undercover Mission.”

In the first trailer that was released back in April, we saw a few scenes pertaining to this particular mission, specifically Hera and Zeb wearing different outfits. Now that we have more images, we can look back on that original trailer and figure out that Sabine is the one who comes across an Imperial probe droid, as seen below.

She’s also carrying her Mandalorian blasters, so my original theory of this person being Mart Mattin can be put to rest! As for what is the purpose behind the mission, we don’t know those details just yet.

It is, however, amazing to see the entire crew wearing different disguises. When it comes to CG animation, people think that changing a character’s look just happens with a push of a button. That is definitely not the case and the fact that each character has an elaborate costume means that a lot of work, time, and resources went into developing this episode.

Also, I want to point out that Chopper appears to be the only one not in disguise, as seen on the right. Later on in the trailer, we’ll see him painted in yellow with black accents, so it appears that Chopper in disguise takes place in an entirely different episode.

It also looks like Hera and Kanan share another intimate moment in this episode. Hera isn’t wearing her traditional flight suit, so this is the one time she’s sporting something different and Kanan isn’t able to see her. He can probably see the shape of her through the Force, but that’s not enough for him, especially when it comes to her. What makes this all the more heartbreaking is the fact that when they first met in Star Wars: A New Dawn, it was her voice that he first fell in love with. He had no idea what she looked like, but her voice was what he found alluring and that’s essentially all that he has now—her voice.

Chopper in Disguise

As mentioned earlier, Chopper in disguise appears to take place in a different episode. He’s sporting a yellow base with black accents and fans have pointed out that these are the colors of Dave Filoni’s favorite hockey team, the Pittsburgh Penguins.

At one point, we see Chopper in disguise again, standing next to two other individuals. At the same time, Ezra is attacking what appears to be a Death Trooper.

Imperial Blockade and the TIE Defender

At Fan Expo Canada, fans were treated to an exclusive clip of Thrawn holding down a blockade, while Hera attacked the Imperial vessels with a squadron of X-wings.

I can’t tell whether the planet has suffered some major damage because of this blockade and the Imperial presence or whether it’s natural to the planet. It’s probably the former, since the fire and billowing smoke looks isolated compared to the rest of the planet.

At first, I thought this planet was Lothal, especially since there’s an image of Lothal in the trailer that has red and smoky skies. Lothal is very similar to our own planet in that it has a lot of blues and greens, so I think it’s safe to say that this is a different planet.

Also, earlier, I mentioned Bail Organa and how he was asking about the Imperial blockade and Thrawn. Is this the blockade he was referring to? If so, why is the Broken Horn approaching it, as seen on the right? Is Cikatro Vizago working with the rebels? It doesn’t fit his method of operation. Did he just arrive at the wrong place at the wrong time? Only time will tell.

In response to the blockade, Hera leads a squadron of X-wings to punch a hole in their defenses.

Unfortunately for them, Thrawn sends Vult Skerris in his TIE Defender to thin out the herd. As seen on the right, it looks like it locks onto Hera’s X-wing. We know Hera and Chopper survive all of this, but it’ll be interesting to see how she maneuvers out of a dangerous situation like this.


This character is new to many of us who haven’t read Legends. Rukh is a Noghri and serves as the bodyguard and assassin of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

He’s voiced by Warwick Davis, which was announced during the Star Wars Rebels panel back at Celebration Orlando. We briefly hear his voice in this trailer after he’s assigned the mission to capture Hera Syndulla.

When Hera is captured, she’s wearing her red flight suit—the one she wears while flying her X-wing. I wonder if the orders to capture Hera come after the attack on the Imperial blockade.

I also like that Hera isn’t easy prey and that she fights back, landing a few punches of her own. Unfortunately for her, Rukh manages to overpower her.

I’m not sure exactly if all of these images go together, but given the reddish-tinted, smoky environment, I get the impression that either Kanan and Ezra are hunting Rukh or Rukh is huting them.

Trandoshan Overseer

Here is our second Trandoshan in Star Wars Rebels! Technically, Bossk was the first in the junior novel Ezra’s Gamble by Ryder Windham.

The Trandoshan seems to be an overseer of some kind with the electro-whip in hand, a weapon that was used as a form of domination over slaves, as previously seen during the Zygerrian episodes in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

In the background, we see Cikatro Vizago as well as a few other people wearing similar outfits. To me, it looks like Vizago fell into some nasty business and was somehow forced to work in some sort of factory. It could also explain why we didn’t see him at all in season three.

Additionally, back in “Siege of Lothal,” Darth Vader punished the inhabitants of Tarkintown for receiving aid from the Ghost crew. As a result, Tarkintown was destroyed and the inhabitants were relocated to a detention camp. What if the people beside Vizago are people from Tarkintown? It’d be a great way to touch on that minor thread from season two.

We haven’t seen much of Zeb lately, and whenever we do see him with an opponent, it’s usually with a stormtrooper that he could easily toss to the side. In this episode, he’s throwing punches with a Trandoshan that is just as big and strong as him. It’ll be interesting to see what sort of maneuvers Zeb will pull in order to bring the Trandoshan down.

It also looks like Vizago’s IG-RM bodyguard and enforcer droids are being used by this facility. Maybe this place has its own IG-RM droids, but given that we’ve only seen this specific kind of droid under Vizago’s command, it leads me to believe that they’ve been reprogrammed.

Saw Gerrera

As promised back when Saw first made his appearance earlier this year in the show, the “original rebel” will be back as he continues to search for answers. He’s also much closer in appearance to the way he looks in Rogue One. He’s determined to find what the Empire is up to and he’s willing to do anything it takes to get those answers.

At some point, it looks like he, Ezra, and Sabine come across a giant kyber crystal, like the one that was destroyed by Kanan and Hera in “Breaking Ranks” back in season one and the crystal we saw in the animatics of the four-episode “Crystal Crisis on Utapau” arc in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

We also saw a clearer image of the crystal in the first season four trailer. Additionally, some fans have pointed out that the image on the left is very similar to someone being released from carbon-freezing. Was the crystal encased and then flash-frozen for its protection, especially since we know that when it’s hit with energy, it has the potential to bounce that energy back tenfold?

The shipment of the kyber crystal is eventually destroyed, taking down an entire Star Destroyer with it. Although it seems like a victory for the rebels, we as the audience know that the Death Star is close to becoming fully operational.

Yavin 4

At the end of the third season, we find out that the Ghost crew and the survivors of the attack on Atollon go to Yavin 4. This is where Kallus continues to work alongside the rebels and where the Ghost crew now get their orders, since Commander Sato’s death marked the end of the Phoenix Squadron.

These two scenes happened separately in the trailer, but I get the impression that Hera’s the one crash-landing onto Yavin 4 in the Y-wing bomber.

Hera ends up delivering a piece of the TIE Defender(?) to Mon Mothma on Yavin 4. I don’t exactly remember if this is accurate. Hera mentioned it to Kanan in the clip that was shown at Fan Expo Canada, but the audio isn’t clear enough for me to pick up on Hera’s exact words to Kanan. Regardless, it’s an important piece that she has to deliver from Lothal to Yavin 4.

Kanan and Hera

Still on the same note, Kanan is worried for her. Not only is she using an old ship to get to where she needs to be, but she also has to go through Lothal’s blockade. All that just to deliver a piece of equipment to Mon Mothma.

I find it so interesting that Kanan considers himself to be a Jedi on the Jedi path and that Yoda recognizes him as a Jedi Knight, but he’s also a man with his own desires. He’s not a selfish person, but he does think about his future and how he wants Hera to be part of that future. He’s done a lot for her, especially in joining this Rebellion, and he’s done it with no expectations. I like that Kanan represents a balance between doing what is right by the galaxy and doing what is right for himself. Sometimes, in trying to do good, we lose ourselves in that mission. Hera is an example of that. She is so focused and determined that she’s not considering the other small things that life has to offer. After all, too much of anything isn’t a good thing.

Kanan wants her to realize that, but will it be too late when she does open her eyes to the possibility? What is it that people say? “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.”

Ezra, Kanan, and the Loth-Wolves

While everything we’ve seen so far from the trailer points to amazing and exciting storylines, I’m personally more invested in the Force aspects of the show and how Kanan and Ezra interact with them.

Ezra waking up in the middle of the field reminded me of Finn waking up in the middle of the desert after he crash-landed onto Jakku in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Did he get separated from the others in a similar manner? Is this part of a Force vision? Further down, when he sees wolves passing through, we see a wreckage in the area. Maybe he did crash-land and this is just another journey to self-discovery.

Last season, we had the Bendu, a Force element of Atollon, since he had the tendency to blend with his surroundings. Now, we’ll be seeing the Loth-wolves. During the panel, Dave Filoni mentioned that the wolves are a nature element of the Force on Lothal, and given that Ezra has the ability to connect with living beings, I am interested to see whether these Loth-wolves will act as guides for Ezra and Kanan.

Loth-wolves have been present in Star Wars Rebels before. Ezra mentioned them in a nursery rhyme (the same nursery rhyme we hear in the trailer) and we briefly saw them when Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka traveled to Lothal’s Jedi Temple, where we found ancient drawings of creatures and wolves on the walls. Wolves have also been seen on the doorway that Ahsoka walks through during her journey on Malachor, as depicted on the drawings that Dave Filoni drew for the Topps digital trading cards.

Like the white Loth-cat, there’s a white Loth-wolf. It also appears to be the same wolf that Kanan encounters on the road, as seen above.

We first saw the white Loth-cat in “Legacy,” when Ezra found it hiding in the rubble of his old home on Lothal. He chased after it, and it led him to Ryder Azadi. There, he learned the truth about his parents. In a way, the Force was guiding him to the truth, but how will the Force be guiding him during these episodes? Maybe these manifestations of the Force are going to guide him to a different path.

Ezra also finds a pack of black wolves that are obviously not fond of his presence. They look to be standard Loth-wolves, and with the Empire attacking parts of Lothal to smoke out the rebels, it could be that their natural habitats are also in danger.

We’ve seen this type of connection before, specifically in “The Call,” when Ezra experienced a deep Force connection with the purrgil. It allowed him to learn what the purrgil needed, so I wonder who or what he’s having a deep connection with in this particular scene and what he’ll learn from that experience. Is it something that will help him better understand his role in the galaxy? Or is the connection simply a means for him to learn information that can help Lothal and the Rebellion?

Also, before this scene transitions into the next sequence in the trailer, it goes white. I wonder if that’s part of the scene, and somehow, Ezra is bathed in an overwhelming bright light. Or is it a transition effect that was added for the trailer?


Whether you like it or not, Lothal holds a special meaning for the characters in the show. It’s Ezra’s homeworld, it’s where Kanan first found Ezra, and it’s where they started making a stand against the Empire as a team. It’s also a place that’s producing weaponry for the Empire. Just like how the Jedi and the clone troopers used to take out droid factories in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the same needs to be done when it comes to the resources and factories on Lothal.

This also demonstrates how the rebels don’t give up. They were decimated on Atollon, losing most of their resources and fighting power, but the mission still takes precedence in their minds.

(Also, it’s super adorable that they have a Loth-cat in the team. Maybe it tagged along for the ride, but either way, this is the closest thing I’ll get to Ezra having a pet sidekick!)

I can’t say for sure because I don’t know what’s exactly going on in these two images, but the image on the left gives me an impression that it’s a sunset (what’s done is done and the fight is now over), while the image on the right is more of a sunrise (a new beginning). Notice that smoke is only rising on one half of the city and it looks like the side where the Empire had most of its presence (as seen in this concept art image of Lothal). Putting that theory aside, though, it’s difficult to say if these images represent a good or bad outcome.

Personally, I’m hoping it’s a good outcome for Lothal. Soon, the Empire is going to suffer a massive blow with the loss of the Death Star, so it wouldn’t have time to focus on an Outer Rim territory like Lothal, so this will allow the people to rebuild.

Remaining Thoughts

Again, whether you like it or not, Ezra’s going to have a bigger focus during the second half of the season, and this Ezra fan is super excited by that fact!

Ezra has a big decision to make before the series ends. You can sort of equate it to him entering college and him trying to figure out what he wants to major in for the next four years. What will be his fate and focus moving forward?

I don’t know Thrawn’s story in Legends, so I’m intrigued to see what the creators are cooking up for him and Arihnda Pryce. That said, just because we don’t see them or hear of them in the movies doesn’t mean that they’re dead. Not all loose threads need to be tied off by the end of the series, so it’ll be interesting to see who moves forward past season four and how they can be incorporated into other Star Wars stories.

Hearing names like “Krennic” and “Stardust” is like music to our ears. It’s exhilarating to see stories briefly touch each other even in the smallest of ways. It’s like the rush of excitement that Star Wars Rebels fans felt when they heard General Syndulla’s name in Rogue One. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, it’s beyond amazing.

Season Four Schedule

The final season of Star Wars Rebels will premiere on Monday, October 16, on Disney XD. Like season one, the fourth season will have 16 episodes.

I imagine the schedule will look a lot like season one, so the first 7-8 episodes will air in October and November before going into a mid-season break. We’ll probably get another mid-season trailer, possibly the last of the series. The show will then return in early January and run the last batch of episodes until March 2018.

What were your thoughts and theories on the most recent season four trailer? Share them in the comments section below.

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8 comments on “A Closer Look at the ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season Four Trailer #2

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  3. There were so many exciting yet suspenseful moments in the trailer that part of me is excited and part of me is terrified about what is going to happen to the fate of everyone in the Ghost crew. I’m also glad to hear about Ezra taking another step forward in his journey and hope that his role will represent in the greater picture of the Star Wars universe…maybe he’s meant to be a parallel of Luke? Does he share a special connection with those wolves?

    • I’m super excited to find out what connection he has with these wolves and what sort of path he’ll find himself on next! October needs to be here already! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. AHH!! This was such a great arcticle, Ms. Johna, but it’s killing me!! Especially your notes about Kanan and Hera’s relationship…to be honest, you said almost the exact thing that’s been going through my head for quite a while now!!
    Thanks so much digging in deep and pulling out all these details and pictures for us! You had some super interesting points and speculations that I hadn’t even thought of.
    I’ll have to agree with you, I’m really glad we’ll be seeing more of Ezra’s story in this last season…That character has been so big for me, especially since, like Ahsoka for many Clone Wars fans, I can relate to his struggles growing up. It’s been really neat having a character my age like that (though sometimes his maturity level is not accurate… at least, I hope it’s not… ;) ). I hope that even when Rebels has wrapped up, Ezra’s story will be able to go on in some form, like we’ve seen from Ahsoka. I know I might be being a bit naive about this, considering Mr. Dave’s love of killing characters and antagonizing his fans, but if Star Wars has taught me anything, it’s to never give up hope. ;) :)

    • Never give up hope! I’ll definitely keep that in mind when the season starts back up! Thanks for reading and commenting! ^_^

  5. “You can sort of equate it to him entering college and him trying to figure out what he wants to major in for the next four years.” Ah, the great dilemma that we change several times in our professional lives! It could be eight to ten years if Ezra wants to go to medical school ^^ “Paging Doctor Bridger…”

    I’m terrified for Ezra and Kanan’s future but at the same time, just because we didn’t see them on-screen in the original SW trilogy doesn’t mean they’re not around. Mon Mothma had a few minutes of screen time in “Return of the Jedi” and look how much backstory she’s got now!
    Ezra’s journey as a protagonist may end with “Rebels” but that doesn’t mean it has to be the end of his story overall.

    I was also intrigued about the reference to the Dearth Star as “stardust” from Rogue One and wonder if Thrawn is intrigued by the Death Star or disproves of the project. Speaking of Thrawn, his “Legends” story came out 20 years ago so I wouldn’t call it spoilers to give it away. In the “Heir to the Empire” trilogy, Rukh stabs Thrawn to death after finding out the Empire deceived him and his people into submission. I hope Thrawn’s story in “Rebels” turns out different to surprise long-time fans as well as keeping a worthy adversary around.

    • Agreed! I don’t think Ezra’s story will end here. Also, I can’t wait to find out what will happen to Thrawn. I remember someone mentioning how he died in Legends, so it’ll be interesting to see how it’ll be handled on the show. Thanks for reading and commenting, Stella! ^_^

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