Adorable Loth-cat Pin is a Must-Have for ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Fans

When searching online shops, it’s pretty easy to find a variety of Star Wars inspired fan-made pins and buttons, but for dedicated fans of Star Wars Rebels, there’s not much out there.

Thankfully, one Etsy store has come to our rescue.

Luminous Beings Ltd, a new shop that sells upcycled jean jackets and vests with a fandom flair, is selling an adorable pin that is a must-have for Star Wars Rebels fans.

It is their first enamel pin and they released it in celebration of Force Friday earlier this month, and now, you can own your very own Loth-cat from Star Wars Rebels in pin form!

The shop is currently taking preorders and they recently announced that the first batch will be shipping out soon, so if you want to be one of the first to receive it, place a preorder as soon as you can.

The pin itself is hard enamel with a gold finish and comes with a secure black rubber stopper. It also measures about 1.5 inches tall and 1 inch wide, making it the perfect size to wear on jackets and bags.

We also recommend that you check out their current selection of jean jackets and vests. Each one has been given new life and features a color print along the back or collar.

“I personally select each jacket, finding the best quality for fangirls and boys to show off their favorite movies, tv shows, and books. Each jacket is sewn by me to give old jackets new life and a geek chic pizzazz.”

Not only that, but they are now offering made-to-order jackets. You can select one of their base jackets in your size, pick a fabric, and they’ll customize a jacket for you!

Head on over to the Luminous Beings Ltd shop and support a small business by ordering a Loth-cat pin and fandom-inspired jacket and/or vest today!

Lastly, make sure to follow them on Twitter and Instagram for more store updates.

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1 comment on “Adorable Loth-cat Pin is a Must-Have for ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Fans

  1. I can’t believe I just saw this article. Thank you so much, I am so flattered and happy to share the Rebels love!

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