Geeky Bubble: Rebels Chat – Season Four Trailer

Johnamarie and Maria discuss the season four trailer of Star Wars Rebels, including Kanan and Hera’s relationship, Ezra’s path and where it could lead him, Thrawn’s approach moving forward (especially after his encounter with the Bendu), Rogue One: A Star Wars Story connections, Loth-wolves, and their predictions for Lothal.

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3 comments on “Geeky Bubble: Rebels Chat – Season Four Trailer

  1. Just add not big Problem that Ezra has Purple Eyes because his Mother Mira has a Purple Eyes

  2. Wish we could see Krennic on this show but darn, he does love flaunting that cape! (Maybe Tarkin kicked him out of the show because we know they despise each other.) And the Rebellion already has its hands full dealing with Tarkin, Thrawn, and Pryce. I don’t think they can handle another baddie.

    As much as I also want to see “Rogue One” characters in this show, I think it would be a bit tricky if/how they came into “Rebels” because we know from the film that Jyn and her team presume all the Jedi are gone. So I can’t imagine Ezra and Kanan swinging their lightsabers around Jyn or Cassian. But I can definitely imagine a Cassian cameo where he’s speaking to Senator Mon Mothma or Hera.

    What lesson is Ezra going to learn from the Loth-Wolf? “Feed me!” One final thought: there’s going to be a break in the show during the winter and I’m wondering if it’ll be similar to the break in season 3 last year to give us some information on “Rogue One” and see how it ties to Rebels. I wouldn’t count on it being crucial but maybe there’s some easter eggs in “The Last Jedi” that will resonate back to Rebels and the time period as well.

  3. Awesome! Been waiting for your takes on the trailer, that was fun :)

    I kinda think Ezra’s change of heart will be away from the increasing militarisation of the Rebellion, after the disastrous defeat at Atallon, and towards inspiring uprising (like you noted in the podcast) and using one’s own unique abilities to resist – in his case, the ability to connect with animals. It’s been a thread of his journey since season one, we’ve seen him perform some impressive feats with this talent, so I can’t help feeling we’re going to see him move away from both the Jedi path and the Rebel Alliance and towards a more mystical, shaman-like role, protecting his planet with the aid of the local wildlife. Avatar-meets-Star-Wars. I think we might see him call the Purgills to wreck Imperial vessels in orbit, use Loth-Wolves and Loth-Cats to sabotage and disrupt Imperial ground operations and – if Lothal has any – Tibidees to take out TIE fighters in the atmosphere. It would be a drawing-together of the lessons Ezra’s had from many mentors over the course of the series – Kanan, Hera, Sabine, Yoda, Bendu – even Maul. The result, I think, will be that the Empire will be so totally unprepared for the resistance they face, so overwhelmed, that they will just decide to cut their losses and leave Lothal, perhaps Base Delta Zero-ing their operations as they turn tail. Ezra’s triumph will be tinged with sadness, he will have won but at the cost of many lives. I think he’ll then remain as a sort of Bendu figure for his own world, a powerful stranger in the wilderness, watching and protecting.

    Anyways, that’s all I have to contribute, I really enjoy your insights and can’t wait for more episode reviews from you both :) I will say, on a tangent, because this episode of TWG was all about tangents ;) that Doctor Who is supposed to be a bit mad, that you have to have an appreciation of camp silliness to enjoy it. It’s always been about the ridiculous and fantastical, and yet within that it occasionally manages to be deeply insightful and deliver stunningly beautiful moments of character development. Yes, there are ugly, scary monsters – some more successful at delivering scares than others – but while all that is fun, it’s not really about that. It’s about the companion character having her horizons broadened, about seeing the world anew, escaping the confines of our linear existence to gain a greater perspective, about telling the audience that we can do that too through our own limited time travel – in stories. Doctor Who is perhaps uniquely aware of itself as a TV show, with a 50+ year history is continuously reflecting on itself, playing with its own medium to deliver interesting new storytelling techniques. I highly recommend Phil Sandifer’s TARDIS Eruditorum website and Jack Graham’s Shabogan Grafitti blog for post-modern and structuralist analyses of the programme.

    And yes, I collect Daleks.

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