Incoming Transmission from TWG: Please Help Puerto Rico and Mexico

Star Wars has always provided us with a form of escape when things get too serious in our world and in our personal lives. Sometimes, when I need to tune out the bad, I just put on my favorite episode of Star Wars Rebels or The Freemaker Adventures. Escaping from real world issues is not always the answer, though, especially when so many people out there currently need our help.

As many of you know, Puerto Rico was hit hard when Hurricane Maria passed through it last week. The stories of there being no power and cell phone communications are true. I haven’t been able to contact my family because they’re too far out of reach. Food is scarce, gasoline stations are being sucked dry, and clean water is hard to find.

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the light side or dark side, Rebel Alliance or Empire, I think it’s time that we all take up the role of a good person. When we see someone in need, we should do something to help. I know times are hard and there’s financial stress wherever you turn, but if you could just take a couple of moments to donate to one of the following organizations, you’d be making a difference. Even if it’s $1, that $1 can go a long way.

Here are some of the organizations I recommend to help my place of birth and childhood home, Puerto Rico:

If you can’t donate money at this time, I completely understand. Like I mentioned before, times are rough. Prices keep rising, but salaries don’t. Not everyone is in the financial position to help, so if you’re able to donate goods and supplies instead, that would be a great alternative.

However, if your mentality is “It’s not affecting me, so I shouldn’t worry about it,” then I feel the need to remind you that Ezra Bridger thought that way once. Then, at a time of great need, Hera Syndulla told him, “If all you do is fight for your own life, then your life is worth nothing.” Star Wars has taught us many valuable life lessons, but this is definitely one to keep in mind when you look at the world around you as it stands today.

EDIT, 9/27/2017: Natural disasters have also affected Mexico, and it’s important to provide aid those affected by the earthquake that struck central Mexico earlier this month. Here are some links that I recommend! (Note: Many of the links are in Spanish, so view the websites using Google Chrome in order to translate them to English.)

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2 comments on “Incoming Transmission from TWG: Please Help Puerto Rico and Mexico

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  2. Thank you this. I donated to United for Puerto Rico after you posted last week. I hope the US congress is going to step up as well.

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