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Saw Gerrera Returns to ‘Star Wars Rebels’ on October 23 at a New Time

Saw Gerrera (voiced by Forest Whitaker)​ will return for his second appearance on Star Wars Rebels on Monday, October 23, with the one-hour episode “In the Name of the Rebellion: Parts 1 and 2,” written by Matt Michnovetz and Gary Whitta.

In this brand new set of episodes, the Ghost crew must accept a mission to spy on an Imperial outpost that they would rather see destroyed. Soon after being separated from Hera and Kanan, Ezra and Sabine must join the desperate quest of Saw Gerrera to hunt down the Empire’s elusive secret super weapon.

New Clips and Promos

The official Star Wars Twitter account and the Disney XD Facebook page recently posted a new Star Wars Rebels character spotlight video featuring Ezra Bridger. The video ends with the question, “Will Ezra be able to save Lothal and drive away the Empire?” Given that the next set of episodes will have Ezra working closely with Saw Gerrera, I wonder how his interactions with Saw will further his desire to free Lothal.

Disney XD also released a new season four promo on Facebook and Twitter that features an inspiring speech from Hera Syndulla.

As always, Rebels Recon gave fans an exclusive sneak peek at the next set of episodes. In it, Hera and her squadron of Y-wings come crashing down onto the Rebel base on Yavin-4. We don’t know how or why her team got into that position, but we do know that Hera expertly handled the problem by telling the others to release the fuel in mid flight. Despite having a rough landing, Hera made it and we also know Wedge makes it, but will her other pilots survive? We’ll have to hope for the best!

The Star Wars YouTube channel also released an exclusive clip. This time, it featured Kanan and Ezra meditating and talking about their path in this war. The touching and profound moment was interrupted by an incoming transmission from Saw Gerrera. Mon Mothma shows up soon after to address him, but she reaches her boiling point and retaliates with her words, having grown frustrated with his method of operation.

Mon Mothma has always been portrayed as a character with unlimited patience and with a willingness to listen that doesn’t seem to exist in other people. It’s interesting to see her break away from that even for a few seconds. She has so much weight on her shoulders, but she always carries it with grace, so to see her lose her cool, it demonstrates that even the best of us have a limit.

While a third clip would have been released on Friday, Lucasfilm’s Tracy Cannobbio informed us on Twitter that she didn’t want to spoil things too much for the fans. Instead, Dave Filoni shared a new sketch of Captain “Hot” Kallus with the words, “I don’t get it.” Needless to say, fans found it hilarious!

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