Get the Modern Jedi Look With rag & bone’s ‘Star Wars’ Fashion Collection

Lucasfilm and Disney have partnered up with rag & bone, one of my favorite fashion brands, to bring a limited edition fashion collection inspired by the Star Wars franchise.

Two years ago, rag & bone had participated in the first ever Force 4 Fashion initiative in which the brand created Rey and Kylo Ren inspired outfits. Out of the 10+ designers, rag & bone stood out as my top favorite collaborative piece mainly because of the urban approach and how it had a more ready-to-wear vibe compared to the others.

At the time, Marcus Wainwright, rag & bone’s chief executive, said, “To create these looks for Kylo Ren and Rey, we drew upon the core of rag & bone’s aesthetic. We’re a brand very much inspired by the edginess of New York but also very rooted in our English heritage through tailoring and military influences. You will see that reflected in these pieces.”

This year, they’ve expanded into a new collaboration that includes a variety of apparel and accessories that range between $95 and $1295.

“I have always been a huge fan of Star Wars and it has been awesome to create a collection which coincides not only with the launch of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but also with the 40th anniversary of the franchise,” said Wainwright in the official press release. “Our approach was really to re-imagine some of our favorite rag & bone pieces while taking influence from some of our most memorable moments of past and present Star Wars films.”

(Photo: rag & bone)

Wainwright added, “We wanted the pieces to feel like something that referenced Star Wars but that also fitted the rag & bone aesthetic—like a modern Jedi.”

And there’s no doubt that they succeeded in their goal. While most consumers are perfectly fine with buying generic apparel, some fans have been crying out for more quality clothes that have been carefully crafted and that capture the essence of the franchise without being overt.

“They’re very wearable clothes,” he said. “I think the Star Wars fans will obviously like them. The rag & bone customer will really like them. The key to the collaboration was to do something that our customers, who might not be Star Wars fans, would happily wear.”

Scroll down further to see which items are some of my favorites.

Hope Sweater in Moon

I am a sucker for cream-colored sweaters, especially oversized ones that come with a hint of the Rebel Alliance on the back. Most of rag & bone’s sweaters are made with merino wool, making their products breathable and pleasing to wear (this kind of wool doesn’t itch compared to traditional wool). Given the pricing of other sweaters in their store, the “Hope Sweater in Moon” might range between $300 and $500. While that seems way out there to the average consumer, rag & bone’s products are made to last unlike the $50 sweater that will inevitably wear out in a few years.

Echo Pant in Hoth

The “Echo Pant in Hoth” made my jaw drop, especially since Star Wars clothing for women tends to focus on leggings instead of pants. That said, I normally don’t wear white pants, but I would definitely make the exception for this particular pair. The success is in the details. The military inspired lacing down the side, for example, is what makes the pant more appealing, especially since you can adjust it to suit your body.

Echo Jacket in Hoth

Chances are this jacket is going to be somewhere near $1000, but if I had the money, I would not have hesitated to buy it, especially since it also comes with the adjustable lace-up detail along the sides and sleeves. It doesn’t try to imitate Princess Leia’s quilted vest from The Empire Strikes Back, but somehow, it still feels like the inspiration came from her outfit. It’s subtle and that’s exactly what Star Wars fashion needs at this time and as we move forward.

Ellis Force Boot in Rebellion and Empire

Everything about this shoe is flawless. I immediately got the Stormtrooper vibe from these Ellis Boots, a style which was recently seen at their SS17 runway. I’m not one for heels, but both the “Ellis Force Boot in Rebellion” and “Ellis Force Boot in Empire” are the kind of shoes I’d like to see more often. Po-Zu also has a great selection of Star Wars inspired shoes, so I’m glad more brands are producing footwear of outstanding quality.

RB1 Force in Empire

What’s great about this collection is that it contains products for both women and men. And while I love most of what’s available for male customers, I absolutely adore the “RB1 Force in Empire” shoes the most. They’re inspired by the shoes worn by Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and even though they’re not an exact replica, I understood the source of inspiration and appreciate how rag & bone went about designing them differently for the modern audience.

Head on over to rag & bone to see the rest of the collection as well as the limited edition t-shirts.

Starting on December 1, 2017, the collection will be released in batches at select rag & bone stores and online, and select pieces will also be available on Shop Disney.

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