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Stencil Magazine’s Interview With Taylor Gray

Stencil Magazine recently interviewed Taylor Gray, the voice of Ezra Bridger, about his acting career and his role in Star Wars Rebels.

Some specifics include how he went about getting the part of Ezra, his most memorable moment from working on the show, and what fans can expect to see in the remaining episodes of season four.

Gray was also asked about Ezra’s parents and how that affected his character, “The death of Ezra’s parents was a huge plot point and character shaping moment in the show. Ezra realized the world is not all good, and he took more responsibility upon himself after this moment. It was also a time for him to understand the support system he had around him (the crew of the Ghost).”

As for what’s to come, Gray said, “Ezra is a formidable Jedi now, and he takes it upon himself to help his home planet of Lothal. So we see Ezra personally burden himself and hopefully live up to his aspirations.”

It’s interesting how Ezra’s aspirations go from trying to rid the galaxy of the Empire to seeking the answer that could help him destroy the Sith to just wanting to save Lothal. Each season, his focus has narrowed down to this specific area, and like Taylor said, he’s given himself this burden to carry out. Will he succeed?

—  Spoilers for Battlefront II  —

Fans who’ve played Battefront II, however, found that Ezra’s goal may not have come to pass. In a conversation about what they would after the war against the Empire, ex-Inferno Squad member Del Meeko said, “Thought I might travel. See the galaxy. Lothal, Mykapo…” He went on to state that he was on those planets as a soldier for the Empire, but he added, “I want to see them when they’re free,” implying that Lothal isn’t free of the Empire even after the destruction of the Second Death Star.

Many have taken this to mean that the Ghost crew fail at their mission. That could be the case, or they could have just completed the immediate goal which was to destroy the TIE Defender factory. So even though they didn’t save Lothal entirely, they did stop the production of a ship that threatened the Rebel Alliance. Ezra could then assume a role that combines certain qualities of Cham Syndulla and Obi-Wan Kenobi, where he becomes the local rebel against the Empire and also mostly waits in the shadows for the right time to strike.

—  End of Spoilers for Battlefront II  —

We ultimately don’t know where his path will take him, so we eagerly look forward to the second half of the season  in early 2018.

To read the rest of the interview, find it on pages 164-165 in issue #46 of Stencil Magazine.

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2 comments on “Stencil Magazine’s Interview With Taylor Gray

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  2. Now that we have seen the first half of season four, I think we have a pretty clear view into the dramas at Mandalore and Lothal. It’s all about self determination. In this way, Rebels finds its bottom line. It’s just like real life, where people want to explore life on it’s own terms, independent of oppressive authorities.
    I don’t believe that Battlefront 2 quote determines the state of Lothal, because discussing what one would like to do, can be about many things, including curiosity about a place one was stationed in, no matter it’s current condition.
    Our Jedi keep their focus on the pressing issues in their lives, whilst the Force is continually challenging and expanding this focus. They are humble enough to take the lessons, and corrections from the Force, even when the teachings are harsh and uncompromising. This in itself highlights the core issue in the destruction of the Jedi order-are they serving the will of the Force? It sure seems our Jedi are doing just that, and this means the Force can and will take them on more amazing journeys. What is great is that we can come along.
    I can’t imagine that Lothal is going to be a ruined shell of a planet. The Empire is going to meet their match here, and Thrawn’s defeat has been foretold.
    The movies are the big deal, but for me, the animated features are where the real stories are found.

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