Hanging Out with the Empire Saber Guild in New York City

TWG had the pleasure of joining the Empire Saber Guild in New York City for a fun and informative lightsaber training session as part of their Media Day event!

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Saber Guid is a non-profit, all-volunteer, international organization that specializes in lightsaber stage choreography and education. The Empire Saber Guild is the New York chapter, and being that I live in NYC, it was about time that I paid these guys a visit, especially since I had the fortune of interviewing the local director, Rubin Polizzi, back in 2014 (Part I and Part II).

While members learn and rehearse techniques and forms for all of their lightsaber shows, their main focus is to raise awareness and money to support causes that are important to the group. So not only is it fun, but there’s a good cause behind it all.

Upon arriving to the training session, we were met with warm greetings, an assortment of lightsabers, and a few rewards for those who completed the session.

Rubin Polizzi, the local director of Empire Saber Guild, went through the basics, showing us the variety of lightsabers as well as how to properly hold the saber.

Participants were given the option of choosing their own lightsaber. I chose the green saber with the beautiful silver and gold hilt, mainly because it was pretty and because the green saber reminded me of Ezra Bridger’s lightsaber!

Rubin and the rest of the team showed us basic defensive and offensive moves, allowing us to partner up with other participants and practicing those moves with each other.

My partner, Mark (@DarthVonOhlen), and I were curious about Ahsoka Tano’s reverse grip, so Rubin proceeded to explain her moves and demonstrate them in front of the class.

By the end of it, we were all awarded a Certificate of Recognition and granted the title of Padawan!

I came away from the experience having had so much fun and with a better understanding that I honestly can’t wait to attend their next class. You watch the Jedi engage with others and defend themselves on screen, but most of the time, you never really think about the technique that’s involved. Empire Saber Guild taught us those basics, and now, I can’t help but see the fighting scenes differently and apply the knowledge that I learned.

If you’re in the New York City area, then I highly recommend checking them out!

Many thanks to Amy Chrzanowski, the Local PR Director, and to the rest of the crew for inviting TWG and making us feel welcome!

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