Add an Adorable Crocheted Loth-cat to Your Life

Porgs, vulptices, fathiers. Star Wars: The Last Jedi introduced us to these new and lovable creatures, but for some, the Loth-cat still ranks 10 on the adorable scale.

Introduced in Star Wars Rebels, Loth-cats have captured the hearts of many so much so that soft plush toys of the brown and white Loth-cats were made for and sold at Star Wars Celebration Europe in 2016. That said, official Loth-cat merchandise is practically non-existent today, but there are some fans out there who’ve used their creative abilities to make their own space cat inspired crafts.

Pom Rania, for example, is a Rebels fan known for crocheting a wide range of Loth-cats.

“I first started crocheting a few years ago because I wanted to make a stuffed animal for a neighbour who was going through some tough times, and I can’t read knitting patterns. (I can knit, I just can’t follow other people’s patterns.) The local public library had a decent section on crocheting, so I was able to learn from the books there.”

As for how long it takes to get one done, Pom Rania said, “If I’m working regularly on it, and I don’t have anything else major that will interfere, I can get one made in two days. I’m really not sure how much time it takes in hours; there’s a lot of breaks involved, most of which are because I get distracted, but it’s also necessary so I won’t overexert my hand and arm.”

Pom Rania’s creations are, without a doubt, adorable! And if you were wondering if commissions were possible, you’re in luck.

“I do indeed take commissions! I have a post about it. Once classes start up again, I’ll be going slower on it, but I’ll still be working on any I have.”

Currently, Pom Rania’s working on making an Ahsoka-patterned Loth-cat, so if there are any other characters you’d like to get for yourself or if you’re looking to get the standard brown one as seen in the show, make sure to check out their Tumblr.

UPDATE, 1/14/2018: The Ahsoka inspired Loth-cat is done and you can find images of it here.

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1 comment on “Add an Adorable Crocheted Loth-cat to Your Life

  1. Natasha Czajkowski

    Lovely piece! I’m AI Fan Productions, the one who took the pictures. :) I also go by Bad Wolf and Timelords. Pin Rania makes such a wonderful product, and I know me and the friends who have purchase these little guys love them. X3

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