Start 2018 in Style by Grabbing the Exclusive Ahsoka Tano Jacket From Her Universe

The Ahsoka Tano faux leather jacket by Her Universe is finally here!

Announced back at New York Comic Con 2017, the jacket takes inspiration from Ahsoka’s Star Wars Rebels costume, which was designed by executive producer Dave Filoni and art director Kilian Plunkett.

“I wanted [the costume] to look like armor that she would have found somewhere. That she would have gone into an old temple and got this ancient Jedi armor,” Filoni said in an episode of Rebels Recon, where he also explained that her costume was based on Samurai armor.

The slate-and-plum colored jacket itself takes some of those visual elements and includes other features, such as snaps on the collar, zippered waist pockets, a burnished silver buckle on a removable belt, and a center zipper closure.

“After walking away from the Jedi order in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, fans wondered whether Ahsoka survived Order 66, and if so, what she was doing. She surprised fans when she showed up on Rebels as Fulcrum, one of the leaders of the rebellion. Ahsoka is one of the strongest characters in Star Wars and I wanted to make this jacket to celebrate her and inspire fans to be powerful like Ahsoka when they wear it,” Ashley Eckstein wrote on

So not only does the jacket resemble her costume, but it also has a Fulcrum symbol discreetly embroidered on the back as well as a blue-and-white satin lining on the inside that’s inspired by Ahsoka’s lekku.

The jacket’s retail price is $70.

Some fans, however, are disappointed to see that plus sizes are not available. Ashley took to Instagram and said, “I want to apologize to all of you because I honestly thought this jacket was coming in plus sizes. It was always intended to come in plus sizes.”

“This jacket is exclusive to Her Universe, but in order to make it exclusive to us, we have what we call a minimum order quantity. So we have to order a certain amount, otherwise the factory won’t even make it. That quantity is usually pretty high. As we talked about before, plus sizes is not just sizing an item up. It’s actually a whole different set of what we call specs or measurements to make sure it fits our bodies perfectly. … When a factory looks at a design, they look at what we call junior sizes and plus sizes. I also want to be clear that junior sizes are not for kids. … Our junior sizes actually run a bit bigger than other junior sizes from other fashion brands. It frustrates me too that we say ‘junior sizes’ because it can be a little bit misleading. It’s more a fashion industry term. … The factory, when making this jacket, they look at the junior jacket and the plus size jacket as two completely different items. And so what happened was when we went to make the jacket, we couldn’t meet the minimum order quantity, and so, the factory only made the junior jacket.”

She sincerely apologized to her supporters for the mistake and emphasized that plus sizes are important to her and her brand.

As for whether more Ahsoka Tano merchandise is on the horizon, Ashley responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!” and even hinted that some Clone Wars themed pieces will be coming later, so make sure to keep your eyes open for those updates. She’ll also be appearing in James Arnold Taylor’s show, Clone Wars Conversations, in the near future.

Lastly, if you’re looking to have Ahsoka inspired hair, make sure to tune into the Her Universe Facebook page on Friday, January 5, at 12pm PST for a livestream tutorial of the Ahsoka Tano hairstyle by Stephanie Lizabeth.

UPDATE: Here’s a YouTube link to the Ahsoka Tano hair tutorial.

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3 comments on “Start 2018 in Style by Grabbing the Exclusive Ahsoka Tano Jacket From Her Universe

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  3. Jon Hodges

    Very cool :)

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