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Flashback Friday: Catching up with ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Interviews

Due to time constraints and handling other responsibilities, I’ve missed out on several Star Wars Rebels related news items and interviews over the past few months. That said, every once in a while, I’ll put together a Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday post that highlights some of the things I didn’t have time to read or listen to at the time.

Today’s Flashback Friday post takes a look back at the interviews that featured a variety of Star Wars Rebels voice actors.

Tiya Sircar

Tiya, who voices Sabine Wren, showed up in an October episode of Fangirls Going Rogue. In that episode, she talked about recording with Gina Torres back when Ketsu Onyo was first introduced in Star Wars Rebels. They didn’t get to record together for the Forces of Destiny episodes, but Tiya had only positive words for her Rebels work with Gina. And speaking of Forces of Destiny, in response to the Sabine Wren figure that’s currently available for purchase, she also spoke a bit more about her childhood and the kinds of toys she used to play with.

Some of my favorite content from season three revolved around Sabine and her role with the darksaber. For the emotional scenes that involved Freddie Prinze, Jr., she and Freddie recorded together in a separate session apart from the rest of the cast.

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

“It was a very intimate recording experience,” she said. “I really appreciate getting that opportunity because it really allowed us to sort of immerse ourselves in the circumstances within that episode and it was definitely a challenge for me.”

That storyline continues into season four with “Heroes of Mandalore,” and the FGR hosts pointed out that Sabine has both her mother and father present. A lot of the time in storytelling, you only see one of them or they’re both dead. Tiya shared her opinion on that topic and how it affects Sabine’s growth.

Lastly, having worked on Rebels for the past several years, Tiya spoke fondly of her experience and how it has changed her life, so even though she’s sad that the show’s coming to an end, she’s happy that they’ve had the chance to tell an incredible story.

Vanessa Marshall

Fangirls Going Rogue also called up Vanessa Marshall, the voice of Hera Syndulla. Right from the start, she talked about the positive things she’s experienced as a result of being involved with Rebels.

We also know Hera to be the leader and “space mom” of the Ghost crew, so when it came to the relationships in the recording booth, she didn’t expect to pick up the “mom” role going into this project several years ago. When it comes down to it, it’s just part of her personality. It’s a very nurturing part of her character and that’s because it naturally comes from her.

It didn’t take long before the conversation shifted over to Kanan and Hera’s relationship. Vanessa mentioned how the scripts didn’t give away those kinds of details, so when time came around to watch the episodes, that’s when she and Freddie would see that there was something going on between the two characters.

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

“It was hinted at, but you can’t really get the full impact of it until you see it and then it’s somewhat undeniable,” she said. “I didn’t mean to be some naysayer whose blind. I was only dealing with the limited tools at my disposal, i.e. the script itself.”

As for recording the final episode, it was bittersweet, but she’s still in the dark about some things because there were pages from the script that she didn’t receive.

“The only person who knows is Dave Filoni, and I feel like Tiya knows more than any of us, but I’m not sure,” she said. “I will just have to see it to get it because I’m not sure what happened.”

A few other things that came up in conversation included how she voiced Maz Kanata for the Forces of Destiny animators, her support of Hot Kallus, and what kind of story would she like to see Hera appear in. For the latter, she’d be curious to see Hera during the time of The Force Awakens.

Taylor Gray

Days before The Last Jedi debuted in theaters, The Game of Nerds released an interview with Taylor Gray, the voice of Ezra Bridger.

Like Vanessa, Taylor only received his dialogue for the final episode, so he doesn’t know when or where it takes place in the finale.

As for Ezra’s character and his role on the show, there are many out there who still don’t see what’s special about Ezra or prefer that the show had someone else as a focus character, and I think Taylor explains perfectly what Ezra’s about and what he represents not just in Star Wars but in our own everyday lives.

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

“Ezra is the central point of the show, he is the eyes and lens that we see this part of the Star Wars universe through. He’s a great character to follow as well because he has his ups and downs, exploring the dark side, becoming a Jedi and also, he’s endlessly curious. That’s made for great storytelling because he’s been able to dive into all these different settings and situations and as he’s grown he’s figured out who he is within the Force and what the Force is within him. Which I think transcends Rebels and goes into life in general whether we call it the Force or not in our own life. It’s us trying to be the best versions of ourselves and find that center and find that inner peace. I think the end of the series does a really good job of tying together what was opened at the beginning of the series. Who knows what the future is for the entire crew of the Ghost.”

Sam Witwer

Best known for voicing Maul in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, Sam Witwer appeared in an episode of Steele Wars. He talked about a variety of topics pertaining to Star Wars, including how he got to voice Maul and Emperor Palpatine. Sam also believes that Dave Filoni should get the chance to direct a Star Wars movie, since his knowledge about Star Wars is vast and originates from his many years working alongside George Lucas.

When the term “canon reset” was mentioned, Sam thankfully pointed out that the Legends stories were never canon and he proceeded to tell the story about the Republic Commando books written by Karen Traviss and how the Mandalorians went from being a warring culture in those books to pacifists in The Clone Wars.

Freddie Prinze, Jr.

The voice of Kanan Jarrus, Freddie Prinze, Jr., showed up in the latest episode of the BOMM (Black Opinions Matter) podcast, where he and the hosts reviewed Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Throughout the review, Freddie brought up how Leia’s scene in space is similar to how Kanan was ejected into space. Some people felt it was a strange scene, and in response, he said, “[Kanan’s] literally holding his breath and the Force is keeping him alive so that he can sort of finish the destiny that the Force has already preordained for him. So the argument would be the Force isn’t done with Princess Leia, the Force still requires Princess Leia, so the Force isn’t going to allow her to die.”

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Freddie also dropped in a few morsels pertaining to Star Wars Rebels:

  • Storylines will be wrapped up organically by the end of the season.
  • We’ll also get a sense of what the White Loth-wolf represents.
  • On Kanan’s character: “You will learn, quite specifically, that where you think Kanan is from, he is not. You’ll learn where his roots and origins are and what he specifically meant to the Jedi Order. Some of this story will be told and has already been told … through hieroglyphs in a cave. And you will start to discover more of that and discover more of Kanan’s connection to the planet Lothal, which he’s even questioned himself in episodes that have aired. You’ll see his and Hera’s storyline come to fruition … and it’s not in sort of a fanfiction way but in a very organic way. And then you will see where Kanan’s journey is going to go post-Rebels.”
  • When the host brought up that he wanted to see Ezra have a deeper dive into the dark side, Freddie said, “Well, you’re about to get it. … Maul isn’t the only teacher in the universe, don’t forget who else is out there. There’s still a lot of darkness out there.”

Other interviews and discussions that might interest you include Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano), Katee Sackhoff (Bo-Katan Kryze), Philip Anthony-Rodriguez (Fifth Brother).

If there are any other interviews that I missed, share them in the comments section below.

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1 comment on “Flashback Friday: Catching up with ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Interviews

  1. Princess Leia and Kanan surviving deep space because their work isn’t done. I certainly resonate with that statement, especially since the Force is becoming deeper and increasingly rich. The Last Jedi was hands down the best Star Wars movie ever, and the Force was given the best role it has ever had. If they keep going, the movies might catch up with the advanced exploration pioneered by Clone Wars and Rebels!
    All paths are coming together, we just don’t know where they lead.
    Bittersweet is right, I’m eager to have the episodes resume, and bummed that it’s coming to an end. I’m reminded of the chorus of the Echodroids’ song Satellite…
    “No dream could last forever
    All things must end someday
    We have reached the end of never
    But the soul will never fade”.

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