Rey Has Some Much-Needed Company in IDW’s ‘Forces of Destiny’ #2

I have to admit that Rey wasn’t my favorite character coming out of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I was happy that we got a female lead in the live-action movies, but there weren’t any personality traits or background details that hooked me in. I just felt indifferent toward her. It wasn’t until I watched the Forces of Destiny short “Sands of Jakku” almost two years later that something finally stood out to me.

After rescuing BB-8 from the nightwatcher worm, Rey fed it a spare piece of junk. She understood that it was only looking for food and that level of compassion to a creature that most people would have killed had they been in her position captured my attention.

When reading Star Wars: Forces of Destiny – Rey, the second comic of a 5-part series, I was reminded of that moment and appreciated the narration that accompanied it, “It may look like a monster. But the nightwatcher worm is just trying to get by. Same as the rest of us on Jakku.”

The comic incorporates Rey’s first encounter with BB-8 from The Force Awakens and takes readers through Rey’s journey as portrayed in the Forces of Destiny animated shorts, “Sands of Jakku” and “BB-8 Bandits.” There was one additional scene that connected both shorts, and it made me super emotional to the point that it made me cry.

When we discover Rey being left behind on Jakku at a young age, it’s incorporated with all of these other images because it’s part of a Force vision, so the fact that she was abandoned at such a young age didn’t give me the impact it should have at the time. The way it’s depicted in the comic, however, brought me to tears because it portrays a small Rey walking through a crowd of people who don’t bother to acknowledge her. I don’t know why it took me so long to have that sink in, but I appreciate that this middle scene was placed in there to further emphasize that Rey lived a lonely life.

All that said, I do feel like Rey’s story on Jakku prior to embarking on her journey has been explored extensively. I’m more interested to know where Rey is going, especially after watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi, so I hope future Forces of Destiny content (whether in comic book form or animation) explore some of those gaps and untold stories.

For now, this comic does a great job at tying separate events together in a seamless way and helps underline that even though Rey had a rough beginning, she’s destined to have a bright future.

Visit IDW Publishing to purchase Star Wars: Forces of Destiny – Rey in print or in digital format.

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