Ahsoka and Padmé Team Up to Fight an Imposter in IDW’s ‘Forces of Destiny’ #4

When it comes to female friendships in Star Wars, they are far and few in between. Only recently have efforts been made to include more women in the content that’s being generated. Hera and Sabine, Leia and Amilyn Holdo, and Ahsoka and Padmé are the main ones that come to mind, so it’s great to see the Forces of Destiny comics continue to put emphasis on those relationships.

Similar to the Rey comic, this issue was based on the animated shorts that were released last year, specifically “The Imposter Inside.” The pages leading up to the events that took place in that short acted like an episode on its own and brought back one of my favorite characters from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Barriss Offee. I can’t decide whether she’s in character or out of character during her training session with Ahsoka. Sadly, one of the things I found (and still find) difficult to accept is how Barriss changed so drastically with so little screen time. The writing team molded her to fit a certain role without making it truly convincing and believable. At least, that’s the case in my opinion.

Regardless, it was great to see Barriss again, especially interacting with Ahsoka. Again, these sort of interactions are important because they need to be just as common as scenes shared between men and women as well as men and other men. And while many fans (and I) want to see Padmé in her own comic book without Ahsoka, I also enjoy seeing them working together. Some of my favorite moments in Star Wars: The Clone Wars were shared between them, and I remember saying, “I would love to see more of that.” My wish came true in the form of animated shorts and a comic book, so I really can’t complain. Sure, I could ask for more, especially when it comes to Padmé standing out on her own, but relationships and interactions between female characters is something fans have been craving and the Forces of Destiny creative team understands that.

We also get to learn more about the Arthurians! I always enjoy these aspects of Star Wars, where a species is fleshed out more. I do, however, wish that they weren’t the standard human-looking, blue-skinned alien. We’ve seen those and there are several I could name from the top of my head, so it would have been interesting to establish something that is truly out of this world and that belongs in the Star Wars universe.

Overall, it was fun to read an extended version of “The Imposter Inside,” which is also an interesting title that could be applied to Ahsoka’s events later on in the fifth season of The Clone Wars. Barriss was an imposter/traitor in their midst and framed Ahsoka for a crime she didn’t commit. I also hope the appearance of Barriss means that there’ll be more content in the future featuring some of the lesser known women of Star Wars because sometimes we need a reminder of those women who came before Rey and Rose, the current leading ladies.

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