Hera Inspires a Group of People to Rebel in IDW’s ‘Forces of Destiny’ #3

Star Wars Rebels gave us one of the most resourceful and courageous pilots in the galaxy, Hera Syndulla. She’s a born leader and a force to be reckoned with. Many of us were upset to see a lack of attention and merchandise when it came to Hera, but lately, we’ve been seeing her pop up in other content, such as LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures and Forces of Destiny.

Her latest appearance in issue #3 of the Forces of Destiny comics keeps true to her character. She heads out to the Fekunda Outpost, where she discovers the Empire’s presence and desire for the grain being farmed and processed at the settlement. The character who contacted her, Burl, wants to fight the Empire head on. She convinces him and the others to play a different strategy, making the Imperial forces think that the settlement isn’t worth their time and investment. Despite there being a few bumps along the way, the plan works and she manages to convince the people to help in the Rebellion’s efforts.

Right away, you’re reminded that she isn’t one to back down from a challenge. Not only that, but she always has this ability to help others realize the potential they have to fight back—not through physical means but by outsmarting the Empire. It reminds me of what Kanan used to say to Ezra, “It’s not whether we choose to fight. It’s how we fight that matters.”

Additionally, I found that parts of the story were similar to the Ahsoka novel by E.K. Johnston. In the novel, Ahsoka finds herself in a farming community, and later on, those same people decide to fight back and eventually join the Rebellion. Burl’s desire to initiate a fight against the Imperial forces was reminiscent of Hoban’s behavior in the novel, how that often clashed with Ahsoka’s approach, and how that inevitably brought about his demise. Thankfully for Hera, Burl played along with the plan.

Like the Leia comic that kicked off this series, it’s great to see this being an original story for Hera instead of a retelling. Hera deserves to be in the spotlight more often, especially because she’s a well-developed character with a lot of wisdom and experience to impart on the audience. Star Wars has always been about highlighting important themes and lessons, and there is a wealth of characters out there who are more than capable of conveying things of that nature, Hera being at the top of that list.

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