Check Out Fifth Sun’s Collection of ‘Forces of Destiny’ Shirts

Last year, Target released a collection of shirts and products featuring a variety of Star Wars: Forces of Destiny characters for young girls to wear and express their fandom.

The Disney Store (now known as Shop Disney) also has a small selection of shirts and sweatshirts, some of which can be customized to your liking.

Now, Fifth Sun has a small collection of Star Wars: Forces of Destiny shirts for men, women, and girls.

The only quibble I have regarding this collection is that the shirts for women are just tank tops. Both men and girls have short-sleeved shirts, but each of the shirts available to women are sleeveless, including the only one that features Padmé Amidala (as seen above). This is probably due to their licensing agreement, but I hope they’re able to expand their current selection in the future.

Find the rest of the collection over at Fifth Sun’s website.

(H/T Coffee With Kenobi)

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1 comment on “Check Out Fifth Sun’s Collection of ‘Forces of Destiny’ Shirts

  1. Jon Hodges

    Very cool :)

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