Geeky Bubble: Rebels Chat – Wolves and a Door & A World Between Worlds

In their recap of “Wolves and a Door” and “A World Between Worlds,” Johnamarie and Maria discuss the return of Ahsoka and the purpose behind it, Ezra’s last lesson from Kanan, and the manipulation of time and space.

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4 comments on “Geeky Bubble: Rebels Chat – Wolves and a Door & A World Between Worlds

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  2. Heartwrenching podcast! You ladies did a lovely job. JM, you mentioned Thrawn creating art and as far I recall from the EU, he isn’t an artist who creates it like Sabine Wren. As a strategist, he collects and observes art the same way someone would assemble and study data to defeat their enemies. He’s analyzing it from a cold calculated perspective. As interesting as it would be to see Thrawn and Sabine discussing art, it made sense to me that she’d be discussing the Mortis painting with a different person who understands aspects of the Force. Thrawn’s a tactician who understands military matters but I doubt he grasps understanding of the Force. In the season three finale he referred to the Bendu’s presence as “Jedi devilry”.

    It’s not until you mentioned Ezra learning his last lesson from Kanan about letting go (and I also got chocked up) that I realized the biggest criticism people have for Ezra for is the same thing that kept him from falling to the Dark Side: his constant mistakes. Rather than make one drastic permanent fault of succumbing to that darkness and be consumed by it forever, he made many small blunders along the way and each time took a different lesson from them. Yes, he trusted Maul. Yes, he summoned a monster out of anger. Yes, he disobeyed Hera and ran off to Tatooine. And every time he came back to his family to say, “I was wrong. I’m sorry”. I believe that constant lesson of self-discipline is what gave Ezra the courage to accept Kanan’s fate and the humility to overcome temptation to control time and space. Rather, Ezra is a protector of the Force and will set aside his own wants and needs to save Lothal.

    • Johnamarie Macias

      Everything you just said about Ezra makes my heart sing! The dark side was never going to be his path. He was close to it a few times, but he ultimately had the support system and foundation to make the right choices. And like you said, those small mistakes were constantly reinforcing his lessons. Gah, I love that character so much, hehe!

      • His trial-and-error ways reminded me a lot of Anne Shirley from “Anne of Green Gables”. Anne constantly gets into trouble but towards the end she tells Marilla all the lessons she learned from her mishaps: accidentally dying her hair green was a lesson in vanity, getting scared in the woods was a lesson about too big of an imagination, injuring her ankle taught her not to accept foolish dares, etc. Marilla was also fair not to rub it in too hard for Anne, she was firm to balance out her brother Matthew’s empathy. The Cuthbert siblings provided the support that orphan Anne needed to grow and she blossomed into a remarkable woman.

        If you look back on youtube to comments people made when the show first came out, it was all “Ugh, annoying street brat” regarding Ezra. I can’t blame them, I also thought he was cute and snarky but skeptic if he could handle bigger challenges. “Rebels” did start off very kid-friendly and then it got more intense and complex as time went on. Looking back after four seasons, now we can tell the storywriters had ideas for all of the characters’ journeys and laid out the groundwork carefully. I’m trying to get one of my friends who is hooked on the EU into “Clone Wars” and then “Rebels”; telling her how awesome Kanan is should be a good lure!

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