Pick Up This ‘Forces of Destiny’ Exclusive Cover Bundle at WonderCon 2018

Star Wars fans attending WonderCon later this month will have the opportunity to pick up all five exclusive Star Wars: Forces of Destiny variant comics as a bundle at the IDW Publishing booth.

The covers are drawn by French illustrator Elsa Charretier (The Unstoppable Wasp, Infinite Loop).

In a interview, she had this to say about her experience with Lucasfilm, “What is really enjoyable about working with Lucasfilm is that they are really open, in terms of art styles. They will allow you to bring your personal touch, your sensibility, as long as you respect key things like hairdos, costumes, and ship designs. That’s also what makes Star Wars‘ universe so easily ‘cartoonable’ — the designs are so strong and so iconic that they are recognizable even if the artist’s style is not realistic.”

In addition to Charretier’s beautiful style, what I also love about these comics are the colors.

“All the credit for the beautiful colors goes to Sarah Stern, who instantly got what I had in mind. To make the best use of the snow, I didn’t draw panel borders — it allows panels to bleed into each other, and the color had to reflect that. Besides that, it’s all her!”

WonderCon kicks off on March 23, so if you haven’t had the chance to pick up these exclusive covers at your local comic book store, here’s your chance. IDW Publishing will be located at Booth #1109.

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