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Star Wars ComLINKS: Favorite ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season Four Scene

Star Wars ComLINKS is a monthly linkup by AAHA meant to inspire fans to write and talk about various topics pertaining to the galaxy far, far away.

March’s Topic: Favorite Star Wars Rebels Season Four Scene

Season four took Star Wars storytelling to a whole new level and served up some of the best moments in all of Star Wars. It’s difficult to choose my top favorite scene from season four because there are so many golden moments, from the Mandalorians bowing to Bo-Katan to the purrgil coming to Lothal’s rescue. Instead of choosing one, I’ll rank my top five favorite scenes from season four.

5. Ezra’s Handwaving

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

I know what you’re thinking. Out of all the scenes, I chose Ezra’s awkward handwaving? I chose this moment because it shows off Ezra’s age and personality. It’s easy to forget that Ezra’s about 18-19 years old. Sometimes, he acts mature beyond his years, and we saw that toward the end of the series. Other times, he’s just his awkward, gangly self. Ezra has a tendency to find humor in most situations because that’s how he copes with the bigger things that are going on around him, and that’s one of the traits I love most about his character.

4. Saving Ahsoka

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

When Ezra walked up to the door and saw Ahsoka fighting with Vader, my mind ran 10 steps ahead and saw what he was going to do. I remember literally sitting on the edge of my seat because I also felt the need to reach out and pull Ahsoka myself. When Ezra did it, the audience (at the Lucasfilm theater) and I erupted into cheer because it’s such a human thing to do. We see something that has the potential to save someone, and instead of thinking it through, we react instinctually and do something that has serious ramifications. I also love this scene because it changed the game in such an interesting and mind-blowing way. I won’t be able to see “Twilight of the Apprentice” the same ever again because when that temple door closes, I’ll know that future Ezra is on the other side saving Ahsoka. Time and space are funny and quirky things.

3. Kanan’s Double Sacrifice

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Nothing hurts the heart more than losing a beloved character. Not only that but losing them twice. While Kanan’s death pulled at my heartstrings the first time around, it was the second time from Ezra’s perspective that it really got to me. Ezra thought he could reach out and save him, just like what he did for Ahsoka. It was at that point that he had to learn the hardest lesson of them all: you have to let go. Kanan did the same thing on top of that fuel pod. He had to let go in order to save everything that he loved dearly. There’s no greater lesson than this because holding on can warp our ability to make decisions and feed into our fears and anger. It’s such a tragic yet beautiful way to enforce a lesson not just for the characters in the show but for the audience.

2. The Purrgil Arrive

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Rebels did a spectacular job at adding fascinating creatures to the Star Wars galaxy, and while the Loth-wolves and Loth-cats remain as top favorites in the fan community, my favorite is the purrgil. “The Call” is one of my favorite episodes from season two, and the purrgil jumping into hyperspace in front of the Ghost crew was one of the most magical moments in all of Star Wars. I felt beyond ecstatic when the purrgil arrived to help Ezra and Lothal. It was Ezra at his best because he has such a strong connection to nature and the world around him. Looking back, it made sense that the purrgil would come to his rescue, especially after what he did to save them back in the second season. Acts of kindness like that are rarely forgotten, and it was great to see it come full circle.

1. Ezra’s Choice/Sacrifice

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Ezra had some amazing standout moments in the final episodes, but the two that sit at the top are when he makes the choice to let go of his parents and when he ultimately sacrifices himself. Some people are disappointed that the “dark side” storyline from season three was quickly resolved, but that path was never going to happen because Ezra had a solid foundation and support system when it came to doing the right thing. His need to save those around him didn’t come from a selfish place, and he ultimately understood when sacrifices had to be made. That’s what makes him a remarkable character, and he’s a reminder of how we should be and act in our own everyday lives.

What is your favorite moment from season four? Share it in the comments below.

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    Nicely done

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