‘Star Wars Rebels’ Fanzine is Calling for Artists and Writers

We miss it, you miss it, the cast and crew miss it. Star Wars Rebels is over and many of us are having a difficult time moving forward without it. To help with the transition, fans are coming together to create a Star Wars Rebels inspired fanzine as a way to express their love of the show and what it has meant to them over the years.

Coordinated by Mexico-based artist Nupao, this fanzine is looking to celebrate the various characters and moments from the series. Nupao is looking for about 20-30 artists who will each create letter-sized illustrations as well as 4 writers who will write a story with a maximum of 3,000 words featuring any character or couple from the show.

Nupao reached out to TWG as a way to promote the fanzine, and we in turn, asked the artist a few questions.

What about the show captivated you the most?

What captivated me most about the series was the fact that we hadn’t heard of any of the characters before. I’m a fan of The Clone Wars series, but I always knew that I didn’t have anything to fear about the characters because I knew how their stories were supposed to end. I never feared anything could happen to Anakin or Obi-Wan or even the villains, like Grievous. With Rebels, I had the exciting chance to know them from zero, see them grow and trying to understand how this bunch got together without knowing anything about their futures.

What’s something that Star Wars Rebels taught you?

Rebels taught me that you don’t have to be the most special person to help make a difference, that any small help can be big enough for someone else and that friendship and family can mean the world to someone who is lost. No evil is too big, no enemy is unbeatable. Those lessons helped me a lot when I faced some serious personal problems in my life!

What are you going to miss most about the series?

What I’m going to miss more than anything is watching them continue to grow. I will miss seeing this bunch of weird outlaws thrive and get stuff done. They were all so complex and well-built characters. Every member of the Ghost crew was unique in many ways. I’m not losing faith that we’ll see them again in a new series, books, or comics. (Hopefully, I’ll have the chance to work in any of those.) I can’t bear the idea that their stories are over yet. If Star Wars has taught me anything is that you can keep doing amazing things even at a very advanced age.

Art by Nupao

For more details about the fanzine, check out Nupao’s FAQ page, and if you think you’re up for the task, visit the Applications page to sign up as a writer or artist.

Applications will close on April 15, 2018, and final pieces will be due by the end of the July. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the project, send them to Nupao through the fanzine’s Tumblr site.

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