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Read an Excerpt From Timothy Zahn’s ‘Thrawn: Alliances’

Grand Admiral Thrawn and Darth Vader join forces in the upcoming sequel to the New York Times bestseller novel Thrawn by Timothy Zahn.

Thrawn: Alliances will take place at some point after the Star Wars Rebels season three finale, “Zero Hour,” but it will not go beyond the animated series.

The highly anticipated novel will be released on July 24, 2018, but for now, provided an exclusive excerpt of the story:

“I have sensed a disturbance in the Force.”

Emperor Palpatine paused, stretching out his thoughts to the two men standing before his throne, awaiting their reactions.

No. Not men. Of course not men. Men were insignificant, pitiable creatures, fit only to be ruled, or intimidated, or sent to die in battle. These were far more than mere men.

A Chiss Grand Admiral, a strategic and tactical genius. A Sith Lord, ruthless and powerful in the Force.

They were watching him, Palpatine knew, each trying in his own way to glean some understanding as to why they’d been summoned. Grand Admiral Thrawn was observing his Emperor’s voice, face, and body stance. Lord Vader, in contrast, was stretching out with the Force toward his master.

Palpatine could feel all that. But he could also feel the tension between these, his two most useful servants.

Visit to read the rest of the excerpt, and if you haven’t done so already, make sure to pre-order your copy of Thrawn: Alliances today.

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2 comments on “Read an Excerpt From Timothy Zahn’s ‘Thrawn: Alliances’

  1. “But he could also feel the tension between these, his two most useful servants.:

    Little did Palpatine know that the source of this “tension” was due to Thrawn hiding Loth-cats in Darth Vader’s meditation chamber. Consequently, Vader had used the Force to “accidentally” spill bantha milk on Thrawns’ most prized artwork. ^^

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