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Tiya Sircar Answers ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Questions in Reddit AMA

Tiya Sircar, the voice of Sabine Wren in Star Wars Rebels and Forces of Destiny, is busier than ever now that she’s starring in ABC’s Alex, Inc. alongside Zach Braff (Scrubs, Garden State).

As a way to promote the new series, Sircar recently took some time to participate in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). Here is a collection of Star Wars Rebels related questions that Sircar answered:

Do you think Sabine spent all of the Galactic Civil War on Lothal? Or did she occasionally join up with the rebels to stick it to the Empire?

I think Sabine would be any and everywhere she could be to do as much damage to the Empire as humanly (Mandalorian-ly?) possible. Whatever it takes, right? I feel like that would be a philosophy of hers.

If we see Sabine again in Star Wars, what new hair style would you like her to have?

Ooohh, good question! No one has asked me that yet! Hmm, what about some kind of mohawk? Like, a punk mohawk but in a pretty color? That would be rad.

Is there any particular hair color or even style you wished to have seen from Sabine? What was your favorite season appearance of Sabine? What was your favorite episode and why?

I hadn’t thought about that until someone else just asked on this AMA, but I think maybe a cool punk mohawk in a pretty color. I love the dichotomy of Sabine being a badass warrior who blows things up but also an artist who loves beauty and aesthetics. So doing a mohawk in a soft, feminine color would be a cool way to incorporate that.

Season 3, hands down.

Trials of the Darksaber. It was the most challenging, the most emotional, the most special (for me personally). And as a viewer, hmm, maybe Jedi Night. It was stunning, in every way.

What the ending set up for Sabine was really interesting. Any thoughts on the character and if/when we’ll see her story continue?

I was so intrigued by that ending! I have no idea what’s in store for Sabine but man, I would love it if we got to see her and Ahsoka fulfill their mission to find Ezra. How cool to have a series led by two kick-ass female warriors on a mission to find and rescue their friend?!

Which one of Sabine’s outfits is your favorite?

I love them all, but my favorite Sabine look would have to be Season 3. A long time ago, Dave Filoni had asked me what I wanted her hair to look like, and that’s basically what I described. He ended up not using it for Season 2 and I figured it wouldn’t happen. But then I saw her Season 3 rendering and was so stoked!

What were your initial thoughts about being part of a Star Wars show?

I think it took me a good long time to process what it meant to be a part of the Star Wars Universe. My first glimpse into the world was San Diego Comic-Con. Our show hadn’t even aired yet and I wasn’t sure who would even come to our panel to see us talk about a show that no one had ever seen. And lo and behold, I think we had 5,000 fans fill up the entire auditorium! It was incredible! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Star Wars fans are the BEST in the world.

Do you think Sabine was surprised by Jacen Syndulla, or did she know that Kanan and Hera were “gettin’ BIZZAY”?

I don’t know about Sabine, but I can tell you that I DID NOT see that coming! And I definitely cried a little bit when I found out. I was actually pretty emotional when I did the epilogue of the show at our final recording for the finale. Had a tough time keeping it together!

Where is Ezra?

Ha! I couldn’t tell ya! But who knows? Maybe Sabine and Ahsoka will try to find out at some point!!

Visit the Reddit AMA to find out what else she had to say about her past live-action roles, her views on representation, and more.

(Note: The questions and responses were slightly edited for clarity. They are in no particular order.)

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