Rebels Chat, Episode 99: Season Four Recap

Welcome to The Wookiee Gunner’s Rebels Chat, a family-friendly podcast that’s part of The Star Wars Escape Pods Network.

In episode 99, Johnamarie and Maria revisit season four with Sal and Liz Perales of The Rogue Rebels.

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At 133 MB, this episode is about 1 hours and 56 minutes long.

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1 Comment on Rebels Chat, Episode 99: Season Four Recap

  1. Tee hee! Lovely podcast as always, guys. Darth Vader is indeed professional even when terrifying other people with a Force chock. Baddies all care about the presentation–and their terrific capes. You mentioned Ezra accepting he was going to die alongside Thrawn but after re-watching the finale I think Ezra knew there would be a different outcome than their deaths. A sacrifice nevertheless, since he won’t be reuniting with his family anytime soon. Because he left the crew a recording and said he was going to miss them followed by, “I can’t wait to return home”. So where in the galaxy is he?!

    I can’t speak for Twitter but on Tumblr many of us fans want Timothy Zahn to write the story of what happens to Thrawn and Ezra next…and that it involves the Jedi meeting the Chiss Ascendancy. We’ve got “Thrawn”, we’re getting “Thrawn: Alliances”, and I would *love* to see the next once called “Thrawn: Warriors”.

    JM, have you seen the “Star Wars Holiday Special” yet? Dare you and Mom watch it for the podcast?! Still a lot of Clone Wars to get through, I see. It’s going to be interesting watching CW version of Maul after his SWR version.


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