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Watch the Second Half of ‘Forces of Destiny’ Season Two on YouTube

As a special treat for Star Wars fans, new episodes of Forces of Destiny debuted on May the Fourth last week. The episodes featured adorable Ewoks, an art history lesson, and a few other welcome surprises.

While the 2-3 minute shorts are available to watch on YouTube, make sure to mark your calendars because on May 25, a 30-minute television special will premiere on the Disney Channel at 8:30pm ET. The special will also include a new short, according to a tweet from Lucasfilm’s Tracy Cannobbio.

The animated shorts were written by Nicole Dubuc and developed and produced by Ghostbot in collaboration with Disney, Lucasfilm, and Hasbro.

Here’s a list of the second half of season two:

Episode 209: “Chopper and Friends”
Description: When Chopper enlists a pair of Ewoks to help crew the Ghost, Hera is surprised to discover how resourceful the little warriors are.

Favorite Moment: While I am curious to know who is part of Hera’s crew at this point in time, I love seeing the Ewoks continue to impress those around them, especially when people think that they aren’t capable of accomplishing tasks bigger than themselves. No matter what situation you toss them in, they’re always resourceful and full of surprises.

Episode 210: “Monster Misunderstanding”
Description: After a water monster attacks the docks of Naboo, Queen Amidala discovers that poachers have been trying to steal the creature’s baby.

Favorite Moment: I will take any content that features Padmé before she met Anakin. It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of the Padmé and Anakin pairing and how I believe that relationship affected her character in a negative way, so it made me happy to see a short with Padmé during her years as a Queen on Naboo.

Episode 211: “Art History”
Description: While on a covert mission to free their people, Sabine and her brother risk everything to destroy an Imperial outpost that has defaced an important Mandalorian monument.

Favorite Moment: I love everything about this episode, from Tristan being involved and being younger than Sabine to them rediscovering part of Mandalore’s history. It just reminded me how desperately I want a book about Mandalore.

Episode 212: “Porgs!”
Description: After discovering that porgs have been tearing blue wiring out of the Falcon, Chewbacca goes on a mission to find the blue moss they need for their nest.

Favorite Moment: Beneath all that fur is a heart of gold and a sweet soul. Even though the porgs were damaging parts of the Millennium Falcon, it was great to see Chewbacca lend a helping hand instead of getting upset or frustrated over a situation that ultimately had a simple solution.

Episode 213: “Perilous Pursuit”
Description: In a dangerous snowspeeder chase across Starkiller Base, Rey and Finn work together to escape relentless snowtroopers.

Favorite Moment: I have to admit that I don’t have a favorite moment from this short, but I do like how these episodes continue to fill in the gaps here and there throughout the Star Wars saga.

Episode 214: “Traps and Tribulations”
Description: Luke and Leia help a pair of Ewoks by resetting their traps to stop a rampaging Gorax.

Favorite Moment: Leia using Luke’s lightsaber. It’s one of those moments that reminded me that Leia has so much potential outside of the political scene, and I’d like to see more of that.

Episode 215: “A Disarming Lesson”
Description: During a lightsaber training exercise, Ahsoka encourages Ezra to find his inner strength in order to anticipate her attacks on the fly.

Favorite Moment: Ahsoka and Ezra had some great moments together in Star Wars Rebels, but one of the things I wanted to see the most was Ahsoka training Ezra and having him learn vital lessons from her. This episode captured that exactly, and I love the overall message that came along with it.

Which of these shorts is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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