‘Star Wars’ Animation Roundup: May 2018

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  • Star Wars Resistance officially has an IMDb page.
  • found a recent job listing from Lucasfilm Animation that hints at “multiple productions with multiple seasons,” implying that there will be several animated projects. Visit for additional information.
  • Episode I of the roleyplaying games that the Star Wars Rebels cast played in recent months is now available on YouTube.
  • Composer David Glen Russell ‏recently visited Smecky Studio, where he and others recorded the music for the Star Wars Rebels finale. Here’s a photo that he shared on Twitter.
  • Fans on Tumblr have gathered together to create a Star Wars Rebels Minibang. According to the site dedicated to the new project, “A big bang (or ‘bang’ for short) is a collaborative event with both writer and artist participants. The writers write fics — traditionally long fics — and then artists ‘claim’ the fics based on summaries/descriptions. Then, the artists create illustrations, fanmixes, podfic, etc. for their chosen story! Once the deadline hits, all the stories/art are posted at once, thus creating a ‘big bang’ of new content in the fandom.” Click here to apply.

From Cartoons to Movies

  • There were a few references to animated shows scattered throughout Solo: A Star Wars Story. Without going into spoilery territory, some that come to mind include the Mud Jumpers of the 224th, Dryden Vos possibly being from the same species as Naare from LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, Han saying he had a VCX-100 (the same model as the Ghost in Star Wars Rebels), and Quay Tolsite, the director of the Pyke Syndicate’s operations on Kessel. There were a few others, but we’ll include those in our next roundup so as to avoid spoilers.
  • According to the The Art of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Dryden Vos was originally envisioned to be a Lasat (via Twitter).


  • Marc Thompson returns to voice the Thrawn: Alliances audio book, as seen in this tweet from Del Rey Books. You can read a 2017 interview with Thompson over at
  • Watch the full “Thrawn!” panel featuring Timothy Zahn on YouTube.
  • Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy will be released in the fall and it will include characters from the animated shows, including Star Wars Resistance. Read more here.

Convention/Event Appearances

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Fan Art

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1 comment on “‘Star Wars’ Animation Roundup: May 2018


    Unless they confirm the Naare thing, which would be neat. I’m just wishing the new movies weren’t so afraid to add colorful aliens into their world.

    Thank you for these roundups, by the way!

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