Geeky Bubble: Clone Wars – Mon Calamari, Quarren, and Gungans

Johnamarie and Maria discuss the following Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes from season four: “Water War,” “Gungan Attack,” and “Prisoners.”

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2 comments on “Geeky Bubble: Clone Wars – Mon Calamari, Quarren, and Gungans

  1. Ha ha! I enjoyed the fish jokes and was cracking up while listening to them during an evening commute. I’ve missed Rebels Chat and am glad to have you guys back. Season 4 of Clone Wars has some of the darkest SW stories I’ve watched, especially when the Jedi are pitted against characters like Pong Krell and the Zygerrians. I look forward to hearing you cover the return of Maul too.

    JM, if you like Jar Jar then I recommend reading or listening to “William Shakespeare’s The Phantom of Menace” by Ian Doescher. Like other comical characters in Shakespeare, he does his silly talking to other characters in the play but then wisely gives his advice to the audience and lets them know how he’s going to help. Doescher does something similar in the original trilogy by making R2-D2 only “talk” to the audience.

    • Johnamarie Macias

      Hey, Stella! Thanks for leaving a comment about the show! We’re so happy you enjoyed it and that it made you laugh. I can’t wait to do the rest of the season! Also, thanks so much for the recommendation!

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