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‘Star Wars Rebels’ Nominated for Three Emmy Awards

Nominations for the 70th Emmy Awards were announced recently by the Television Academy and Star Wars Rebels received three well-deserved nominations. It’s always exciting when your favorite animated series gets recognized by the television industry!

The series was nominated for Outstanding Children’s Program, Outstanding Music Composition, and Outstanding Sound Editing.

Last year, it was also nominated for Outstanding Children’s Program, but HBO’s Once Upon A Sesame Street Christmas took the win.

(Photo: Saturn Awards)

Last month, Star Wars Rebels won a Saturn Award for Best Animated TV Series and executive producer Dave Filoni was there to accept the award.

Will Star Wars Rebels take home the Emmys this year? Here’s who they’re categorized with:

Outstanding Children’s Program

  • Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • Netflix’s Alexa and Katie
  • Netflix’s Fuller House
  • Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels
  • HBO’s The Magical Wand Chase: A Sesame Street Special

Outstanding Music Composition

  • HBO’s Game of Thrones
  • Netflix/Marvel’s Jessica Jones
  • ABC’s Once Upon a Time
  • CBS’s SEAL Team
  • Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels
  • HBO’s Westworld

Outstanding Sound Editing

  • FX Network’s Atlanta
  • HBO’s Ballers
  • HBO’s Barry
  • Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels
  • HBO’s Vice Principals

The final season of Star Wars Rebels is one of the finest pieces of work to emerge from Lucasfilm in recent years, taking the art of storytelling and animation to a whole new level. We wish the creative team good luck at this year’s ceremony.

Here’s a small collection of tweets from the crew and cast:

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3 comments on “‘Star Wars Rebels’ Nominated for Three Emmy Awards

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  2. I’ve always maintained that Rebels had some great stories, and deep characters. The facts are that Rebels was the only SW to take the Jedi past the comfortable Skywalker envelope, do it with a fabulous confidence, and truly illustrate the story of tactical leaders who are essentially spiritual warriors.
    I understand why SW is so reluctant to move beyond the Skywalker focus, one has only to acquaint themselves with the reception TLJ received from some extremely vocal discontented fans to understand that telling a new story, even one just slightly nuanced, is enough to set off a load of hateful vitriol.
    Fortunately, Rebels could explore and chart new territory, and they did excellent things with this freedom. I honestly have so many favorite moments, listing one is going to unjustly push the rest into the background, however one of the top stories involved our Jedi once again fighting with the courageous clones, the surprising return of Gregor, which was most welcomed here, and the validation of both Jedi and Clones as a timeless alliance worthy of far more than the tarnish of the chip driven order 66.
    Great stuff!
    Thanks Rebels. You should win the award.

    • I think this is the first time I’ve seen Filoni without a cowboy hat on! Talk about surprises!

      “Rebels” is a good example of how the franchise can move forward and expand with new creative stories in the SW galaxy. I remember reading that Dave Filoni worked on “Avatar: the Last Airbender” and there were times in “Rebels” when I could feel some of that “Avatar” style of showing legends and tying stories together worked so well. Both were marketed as “for kids” or “family-friendly while having mature themes and good lessons, without pounding the messages into our heads. Kids are smart and pick up on things; no need to dumb things down for them. If they’re passionate about Star Wars, they’ll ask more questions to get more answers.

      I have read and listened to feedback from many fans who said “TLJ” was not their cup of tea at the same time saying they enjoyed “Rebels” and “Clone Wars”. Regardless of which stories focus on the Skywalkers or other Jedi, I think it all comes down to execution of the story and characters. Filoni knows how to tell a story from beginning to end and if a detail is added in, it will come back later in the story for a valid purpose. If he prefers to work on animated shows as opposed to live-action films, I’m find with that but I hope other story writers and directors would collaborate or learn from him.

      Another skill of Filoni is the ability to leave a few “windows” open for future stories without detracting from the central story. For example, we know from the new canon novels that Thrawn’s people are not currently under Imperial control and live in another part of the galaxy. So we could see them in another story. Or the Bendu tells Ezra and Kanan about joining the Holocrons and adds, “I have seen it before.” That’s a story I’m intrigued to learn and I’m certain we could see Bendu again too.

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