Have You Celebrated the 10th Anniversary of ‘The Clone Wars’ With the New Her Universe Fashion Collection?

The latest fashion collection from Her Universe is a dream come true for Star Wars fans, since it celebrates the 10th anniversary of the popular animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. From everyday t-shirts to more sophisticated pieces, there’s something for everyone.

“We specialize in what I like to call ‘everyday cosplay,'” said Ashley Eckstein in an interview with about the recently released collection. “As fans, we like to show off our love of our favorite characters, but we can’t walk around in a costume everyday. I love to look at costumes, whether they are animated or not, and figure out how I can translate it to fashion. Some costumes are more difficult than others to design, but I always love a challenge.”

Like previous collections, Her Universe has done another fantastic job capturing the smaller details of each individual costume and translating them into everyday pieces of clothing. Take a closer look:

Ahsoka Tano Scarf and Dress

Price: $69.90$79.90 | Available at Hot Topic and EMP
: Feeling a little snippy? Channel your inner Jedi in this burgundy fit and flare dress from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This mid-length dress is inspired by Ahsoka Tano’s costume from the animated series and features a keyhole neckline, red belt, faux-suede panel, and back cut-out that mimic her tunic.

TWG Thoughts: I’m so happy to see an Ahsoka dress that features one of my favorite details of her costume: the sash from her belt. It’s so beautiful, and the burgundy color of the dress is such a classic. Overall, I love the flattering, feminine look of it and that you can pretty much wear it anywhere.

Anakin Skywalker Cowl Neck Sweater

Price: $54.90
Description: Dress just like Skyguy. This super soft cowl neck pullover hoodie from Star Wars: The Clone Wars celebrates the ten year anniversary of the animated series with a design based on Anakin Skywalker’s costume. It’s got red, grey, and navy paneling, with a grey cowl style hood, a kangaroo pocket, a Jedi Order sleeve hit on the right and a Skywalker sleeve hit on the left. This hoodie is presented in unisex sizing – because it’s for all fans of the beloved animated series.

TWG Thoughts: I love the color-blocking on this sweater. It’s such a simple and brilliant way of capturing the colors of Anakin’s armor. Normally, I don’t like having text along the arms, but this time around, I think the “Skywalker” is a nice touch.

Captain Rex Moto Jacket

Price$79.90 – $83.90 | Available at Hot Topic
Description: Look just as fierce as Clone Captain Rex. This white and blue moto jacket has a design inspired by Captain Rex’s Clone Trooper armor and includes tallies on the chest near the collar snaps. It’s got a zip front and side pockets. This faux-leather moto jacket is presented in unisex sizing – because it’s for all fans of the beloved animated series.

TWG Thoughts: This Captain Rex jacket is perfect! It’s one of those pieces that works really well on the convention scene, especially at Star Wars Celebration. It would also look especially cute with a white summer dress. My favorite detail is on the back because no Captain Rex merchandise is complete without his Jaig eyes.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Long Line Sweater

Price: $59.90
Description: Inspired by Jedi General Obi-Wan, this open front long line sweater will make you feel like a Jedi Master and a leader for the Grand Army of the Republic. This cream colored hooded sweatshirt features the Jedi insignia on the left sleeve and has metal snap buttons branded with the Jedi insignia. It’s got an open front, much like a Jedi robe. This hooded sweater is presented in unisex sizing – because it’s for all fans of the beloved animated series.

TWG Thoughts: I love the look of this long line sweater. It’s the perfect garment to wear on a chilly autumn day while sipping some hot chocolate, but it also looks thin enough to wear during the spring. And I like how the Jedi symbol on the left arm echoes Obi-Wan’s design from the earlier seasons.

Padmé Amidala Constructed Blazer

Price$99.90 (Coming soon) | Available at EMP
Description: Senator Padmé Amidala wore several costumes throughout Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but we thought we’d honor her position as Senator and make a constructed blazer inspired by one of her Senate gowns. This purple blazer features a crossover, snap-closure front, a peplum body shape with peaked shoulders, and a tonal pattern on the chest panels. It’s made from a heavier fabric – to keep you warm no matter what planet you’re on.

TWG Thoughts: This blazer is everything! You can dress it down, you can dress it up, and it’s also perfect for the work environment. I love that the print is similar to one of her Padmé’s Senate gowns. It’s almost like having a piece of her wardrobe come to life.

Make sure to visit for the rest of the collection.

Have you purchased anything from the collection? What are your thoughts on it? What do you hope to see more of in the future?

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