‘Star Wars’ Animation Roundup: July 2018

Every month, TWG gathers the latest news, interviews, fan creations, and other updates pertaining to the Star Wars animated shows (Star Wars: The Clone WarsStar Wars RebelsLEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker AdventuresForces of Destiny, and Star Wars Resistance).


  • The Star Wars Rebels season four DVD and Blu-ray was released on July 31.
  • Fans got a first look of Star Wars Resistance from a Disney Partners meeting in France.
  • If you missed out on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars panel at SDCC, you can read’s recap here and TWG’s highlights here. Also, there are some professional photos (here and here) from the SDCC Unofficial Blog.
  • For cosplayers looking to create accurate costumes, Lucasfilm’s Tracy Cannobbio shared character sheets here and here.
  • is planning to do a re-watch of Star Wars: The Clone Wars in chronological order. Find more details here.
  • Lucasfilm Producer Caroline Kermel joined Twitter.
  • Star Wars Resistance‘s Christopher Sean recently shared this photo of himself, Bobby Moynihan, and Jim Rash.
  • Polygon Pictures announced in a press release that it will be producing Star Wars Resistance.
  • The final episode of the Star Wars RPG series with the cast of Star Wars Rebels is now available on YouTube.
  • Although it’s been around for some time, there’s a painting of Sabine by the parking lot of a Carl’s Jr. at 3008 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego.
  • Team Ahsoka is looking for people’s favorite scenes from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars feature film. If you’re interested, fill out this survey by August 10.

Books and Comics

  • Star Wars: Droidography features Roger from LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures on the cover as well as Chopper.
  • The Thrawn: Alliances cover was drawn by Two Dots. Visit Behance for more visuals.

Convention/Event Appearances

  • Phil Lamarr (The Clone Wars/Star Wars Rebels, Bail Organa) – Tampa Bay Comic Con (August 3-5)
  • Paul Reubens (Star Wars Rebels, RX-24) – FAN EXPO Boston (August 10-12)
  • Brent Spiner (Star Wars Rebels, Gall Trayvis) – FAN EXPO Boston (August 10-12)
  • Billy Dee Williams (Star Wars Rebels, Lando Calrissian) – FAN EXPO Boston (August 10-12)
  • John DiMaggio (Freemaker Adventures, Baash) – Colorado Springs Comic Con (August 24-26)
  • Daniel Logan (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Boba Fett) – Colorado Springs Comic Con (August 24-26)
  • Ben Diskin (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, WAC-47/AZ-3) – Matsuricon (August 24-26)
  • Henry Gilroy (Star Wars Rebels, Producer/Head Writer) – Dragoncon (August 30-September 3)
  • Christie Golden (Dark Disciple, author) – Dragoncon (August 30-September 3)
  • E. K. Johnston (Ahsoka, author) – Dragoncon (August 30-September 3)
  • Timothy Zahn (Thrawn, author) – Dragoncon (August 30-September 3)

Links: Articles, Podcasts, Reviews, Videos

Fan Art

Fan Creations




  • Two exclusive Star Wars: The Clone Wars shirts, one by DesignByHumans and the other by Fifth Sun, were sold at SDCC.
  • It is rumored that a Star Wars: The Clone Wars Captain Rex Funko Pop! figure will be sold as a shared exclusive at NYCC.
  • Rebels season three photos are now available at Star Wars Authentics, including the fight between Obi-Wan and Maul.


Tweets by Henry Gilroy

In honor of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars 10th year anniversary, producer and head writer Henry Gilroy has been sharing some great tweets about the show:

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2 comments on “‘Star Wars’ Animation Roundup: July 2018

  1. Thanks so much for the links to Team Ahsoka… and everything else. I look forward to your round-ups every month. :-)

    I couldn’t spot it in the round-up and it may have gone live after you worked on this but Derek Laufman’s got some new Clone Wars prints in his online store (including two Clone Wars packs).

    • Johnamarie Macias

      Ooh yes, thanks for that! I think I’ll add that to the August roundup, since July is super long at this point, haha! Also, Team Ahsoka is one of the first sites I go to grab links, so keep up the awesome work!

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