‘Star Wars’ Animation Roundup: July 2018

Every month, TWG gathers the latest news, interviews, fan creations, and other updates pertaining to the Star Wars animated shows (Star Wars: The Clone WarsStar Wars RebelsLEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker AdventuresForces of Destiny, and Star Wars Resistance).


  • The Star Wars Rebels season four DVD and Blu-ray was released on July 31.
  • Fans got a first look of Star Wars Resistance from a Disney Partners meeting in France.
  • If you missed out on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars panel at SDCC, you can read’s recap here and TWG’s highlights here. Also, there are some professional photos (here and here) from the SDCC Unofficial Blog.
  • For cosplayers looking to create accurate costumes, Lucasfilm’s Tracy Cannobbio shared character sheets here and here.
  • is planning to do a re-watch of Star Wars: The Clone Wars in chronological order. Find more details here.
  • Lucasfilm Producer Caroline Kermel joined Twitter.
  • Star Wars Resistance‘s Christopher Sean recently shared this photo of himself, Bobby Moynihan, and Jim Rash.
  • Polygon Pictures announced in a press release that it will be producing Star Wars Resistance.
  • The final episode of the Star Wars RPG series with the cast of Star Wars Rebels is now available on YouTube.
  • Although it’s been around for some time, there’s a painting of Sabine by the parking lot of a Carl’s Jr. at 3008 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego.
  • Team Ahsoka is looking for people’s favorite scenes from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars feature film. If you’re interested, fill out this survey by August 10.

Books and Comics

  • Star Wars: Droidography features Roger from LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures on the cover as well as Chopper.
  • The Thrawn: Alliances cover was drawn by Two Dots. Visit Behance for more visuals.

Convention/Event Appearances

  • Phil Lamarr (The Clone Wars/Star Wars Rebels, Bail Organa) – Tampa Bay Comic Con (August 3-5)
  • Paul Reubens (Star Wars Rebels, RX-24) – FAN EXPO Boston (August 10-12)
  • Brent Spiner (Star Wars Rebels, Gall Trayvis) – FAN EXPO Boston (August 10-12)
  • Billy Dee Williams (Star Wars Rebels, Lando Calrissian) – FAN EXPO Boston (August 10-12)
  • John DiMaggio (Freemaker Adventures, Baash) – Colorado Springs Comic Con (August 24-26)
  • Daniel Logan (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Boba Fett) – Colorado Springs Comic Con (August 24-26)
  • Ben Diskin (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, WAC-47/AZ-3) – Matsuricon (August 24-26)
  • Henry Gilroy (Star Wars Rebels, Producer/Head Writer) – Dragoncon (August 30-September 3)
  • Christie Golden (Dark Disciple, author) – Dragoncon (August 30-September 3)
  • E. K. Johnston (Ahsoka, author) – Dragoncon (August 30-September 3)
  • Timothy Zahn (Thrawn, author) – Dragoncon (August 30-September 3)

Links: Articles, Podcasts, Reviews, Videos

Fan Art

Fan Creations




  • Two exclusive Star Wars: The Clone Wars shirts, one by DesignByHumans and the other by Fifth Sun, were sold at SDCC.
  • It is rumored that a Star Wars: The Clone Wars Captain Rex Funko Pop! figure will be sold as a shared exclusive at NYCC.
  • Rebels season three photos are now available at Star Wars Authentics, including the fight between Obi-Wan and Maul.


Tweets by Henry Gilroy

In honor of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars 10th year anniversary, producer and head writer Henry Gilroy has been sharing some great tweets about the show:

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2 Comments on ‘Star Wars’ Animation Roundup: July 2018

  1. Thanks so much for the links to Team Ahsoka… and everything else. I look forward to your round-ups every month. :-)

    I couldn’t spot it in the round-up and it may have gone live after you worked on this but Derek Laufman’s got some new Clone Wars prints in his online store (including two Clone Wars packs).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Johnamarie Macias // August 3, 2018 at 2:28 PM // Reply

      Ooh yes, thanks for that! I think I’ll add that to the August roundup, since July is super long at this point, haha! Also, Team Ahsoka is one of the first sites I go to grab links, so keep up the awesome work!


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