Geeky Bubble: Clone Wars – Slaves and Mandalorians

Johnamarie and Maria discuss the following Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes from season four: “Kidnapped,” “Slaves of the Republic,” “Escape from Kadavo,” and “A Friend in Need.”

Here is the fan art of Ezra Maria mentioned during the beginning of the episode.

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2 comments on “Geeky Bubble: Clone Wars – Slaves and Mandalorians

  1. Whew! Talk about getting an intense storyline! After watching how gritty and violent things got in “Clone Wars”, I’m relieved the atmosphere lightened up a bit in “Rebels” to balance the latter’s solemn moments. It’s great that “Star Wars” is able to tell a variety of stories ranging from picture books for kids to dark intense stories like this one.

    So JM, who do you and Mom hate more: Krell for bullying Rex or Queen Miraj Scintel for enslaving Anakin and his friends? (Or is Maul even worse for tempting Ezra and blinding Kanan?)

    • Johnamarie Macias

      Hey, Stella! So great to hear from you! And yeah, coming off of Rebels (even the more serious Rebels episodes), it’s hard to watch some of the content from TCW because it’s just too much. And hmm, that’s an intriguing question. We definitely dislike those characters for the things they’ve done, but I think Ma and I would agree on Krell. While Miraj enslaved Anakin and the others, they were able to get out of the situation. Maul is a pain in our necks, but it was the kind of exposure Ezra needed to know what the dark side is capable of doing to a person. Krell was just plain evil and used the clones’ loyalty against them. He definitely sits at the top of our “do not like” list, hehe!

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